⏱ HITMAN 2: Elusive Targets--MEGA THREAD


I know we have ways to go until HITMAN 2’s Elusive Targets are released, but I thought I’d make a thread for them for when that day comes.

I linked all of HITMAN (Season 1) Elusive Targets below…

In the meantime, use this thread to share any upcoming news about future Elusive Targets, as well as what you hope to see this time around, regarding the Elusive Targets.

Now that the “coin trick” and Fire Extinguishers are now non-lethal, how do you predict these targets will pan out for some? Also, do you guys hope this time they stay “elusive” or would you like for them to one day return again like in Season 1? (I personally hope they stay once and done this time around)

Finally, share your ideas on what type of targets you would like to see…

Share your thoughts!!


I wonder If Hitman 2 will have Elusive Targets? Have IO-I said something about it?

No I’m not, why should I? We don’t know for sure Hitman 2 will have Elusive Targets?




Do propane flasks explosions count as accident kill? If yes they are going to be new fire extinguishers. If not I’m sure sooner or later someone will come up with a new trick to easily take out the ETs.

Personally I would prefer them to stay elusive for at least a bunch of years. I also wouldn’t mind if you could no longer restart them. People can easily abuse this by scouting the area and restart as soon as something goes wrong.


I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that IO confirmed Elusive Targets? I could have sworn I did, was I just imagining it or…? :joy:


Hahaha, relax I searched a bit and found this:


ET’s are back in a “pretty big way” as Sven said. and they’re revealing the first ET “soonish”


Awesome, I’m looking forward to new ET’s :grinning:.


Ah, I thought so! lol thought maybe I was cracking up :sweat_smile: Okay, so great, good to know!

@Pitman I’m honestly not sure if PF will be lethal and count as an accident.

However, I predict a lot of poison syringe kills this time from a lot of people. Either that, or a shit ton more “failures” than S1 :joy:

I’m in favor of “restarts” NOT returning. (I never did anyway) but the fact knowing I could if I wanted to made it feel less suspenseful.

That being said, if they do make restarting as not an option, idk what they would do in case someone’s power were to go out during them, or if connection would be lost??


I’d like them to become non-elusive if you complete them. Of course, without an ability to get SA challenge and possibly with its own leaderboard. Also, not being timed would be good as well. It really doesn’t add anything gameplay wise, so I don’t think it should stay that way.


Bad luck I guess? I mean, if the blackout happened after I killed my target I would still fail. Besides there should be enough ET to still unlock all the suits even in the unlikely event of a blackout.

I’m more worried about another Fixer, where people failed the ET because they subdued/killed the wrong guy to early.


That’s an interesting idea…

However I’d expect A LOT of people getting mad/jealous if they themselves failed.

I do like your idea, but the only thing I’d change is that, you would have to get SA in order to be rewarded in playing that specific target again. That’s just me, though. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, people have already got many reasons to get jealous: timed stuff isn’t suitable to everyone’s timetable, not getting SA and suits and so on.


True, but I’d be pissed beyond words if I failed a target because of something I myself couldn’t control… if I fail because of my own mistakes that’s a different story.

But “The Fixer” was pretty clear imo. I really liked that target a lot. Very suspenseful! People just really need to read and listen to the briefings (multiple times if necessary) and they should be fine.

Honestly, there wasn’t even a need to subdue the shopkeeper (prior) to begin with…


Also very true. But Hitman isn’t the first game to do timed content. I suppose you can’t please everybody :man_shrugging:


I’d rather just have the way Kotti said he’d like it.


In HITMAN 2 we’ll have “Double XP Weekends”, a “Halloween Horror” event every year, and occasional “Maximum Merces” month promos where missions net you twice the money so you can buy more “Arsenal Crates”! :stuck_out_tongue:

J/K… but “Seasonal/Calendar” standard events in addition to One-Time super events like ET’s could be interesting.


I was thinking, if/when we have an elusive target in Miami. Would you guys like it if a target was also a race car driver, or nah? Or at least something to do with the race?


if Sven meant what he said, i don’t see why not


As someone who came very late to the game, let me tell you it’s mildly frustrating to realise you never even get the chance of completing them.
I think elusive targets should become available as you complete them (as in, you complete the Forger and the Guru becomes available). Of course you still get only the one chance to actually complete it, but at least everybody gets one.
I agree on the not restarting a level once it started, but you can follow that rule for yourself anyway. If you’re strong of character;-)