⏱ HITMAN 2: Elusive Targets--MEGA THREAD


Ok ( so as someone who came late to, for example; Assassins Creed) it’s frustrating that “I” missed out on their timed content. Should the devs bow down to my request and give me it because I decided to jump in now after all this time…? No.

Like I said before, you can’t please everyone, that’s just how it goes sometimes. They are elusive targets, they were designed to be made pretty much like “you snooze, you lose”


I think that it would be cool if the ‘Miami Bayside Center’ was used as the targets place.
That, or, the target could be a VIP viewing the race, or a racer.


I wasn’t snoozing. The money I paid for the game was apparently good enough for IOI. If they treat me the way you so bluntly described I’d have reason to complain.
I don’t know about Assassin’s Creed and their shenanigans, and I don’t need to because the point I’m making is about timed content leading to customers not receiving the same product despite paying the same price, which is inherently unfair.


The game is not the same price as it was though? If people got the game right when it was released they got their money’s worth.

People know what Elusive Targets are all about, so I’d imagine the people that missed out on a bunch of them would just wait for the game to go on sale.

If people choose to pay full price on content that they know already expired isn’t that on them?? They went that long, why not just wait.

Besides, E.T are not the “base game” it’s extra (timed) content. You really aren’t missing out on much. Limited time content is nothing new in the gaming world.


The fact that it’s not new doesn’t make it good.
I’m pretty sure I paid the same price, it seemed steep enough, around 70 euros for what they market as “the definitive edition”.
Also, I don’t feel you’re really addressing the points I make, other than you telling me to just suck it up and that it’s my fault. What difference does it make to you if I would get access after all? What’s wrong with the solution I suggested? The targets would still be elusive, but only in the good way.


I apologize then. Thats certainly not my intention.
All I’m saying is; this is how IO visioned the Elusive Targets (timed content) and I agree with them completely. It was something new and fresh.

Nothing is wrong with your suggestion, you’re entitled to an opinion. But this is how they were meant to be (they even brought them back a second time even after they said they would never return) I think they’ve been more than fair.

People (not just you) just have to come to peace with the fact that this is how they are (timed content)

Hitman isn’t the first franchise to do this, yet a lot of people make it out to be this big to do, but not for other devs that do this same thing.


Do you think there will be more celebrity targets like Gary Busey? Or maybe even ETs based on Warner Bros. games? Like (extreme example) Warner Bros. wants to promote a new Batman game, so they make the Jokler an ET?


I don’t know what to think about this… If they’re revealing it soon, then it would be going live relatively quickly after launch and tbh, I would prefer they pushed the ETs back a little bit so there is a chance to learn parts of the new locations.

Unless the first ET is in a Legacy Pack location, in which case not having all the equipment at my disposal that I’m so used to having as an option to smuggle in presents an interesting challenge to it.

But I expect it will probably be Miami.

It’s already been confirmed that there will be at least one celebrity ET. It was in the YouTube E3 coverage interview where they accidentally said that Sven works at Ubisoft as they were introducing him.


French… Denmark… close enough. At least they got the continent right. :roll_eyes:


I try to guess next celebrity ET: Dwayne Johnson. He makes 200 movies every year so he could be also in a videogame :smile: Obviously ET’s name would be “The rock”


That would be awesome!

Then kill him with a “Rock” :joy:

However this scene was pretty sad :sob: :pig:


I hope they get rid of the timed Elusive targets. Just keep it at one chance and that is all good with me. For people like me who can’t get every game at release and therefore miss out on content kind of leaves a sour taste behind.



The target seems to be armed.


lol! arriving dates are different from each other.


:joy: It sure looks like it, I hope I get at least 7 days in Miami (in Hitman 2 that is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) before the first ET is released, I need to learn the map, I can’t afford epic fail on the first ET :flushed: :grinning:.

Yes, I think it’s wise to master Miami before this ET is out, unlock all starting points etc.


I guess I should practice in Miami alot for the first week


I think it is Sean Bean for some reason I mean “The Undying” is like tempting fate as well as invoking the meme “Sean Bean dies in everything”. Also is says “Starring [Redacted]” which is used for the most prominent celebrity in a film.


Maybe would be better to wait for ETs. In one week we won’t know every detail of the Miami map


I forgot, we have also 10 days to do this ET, that’s total 17 days, so it should be enough to learn most of the map?