⏱ HITMAN 2: Elusive Targets--MEGA THREAD


It definitely looks like Sean Bean.


Yay we get a Hitman/Goldeneye crossover, finally. :partying_face:


In those days there will be other 5 maps to do, because surely the most of us will finish the main campaign before completing every single challenge. I will do it. But I’m not complaining. Maybe I’m wrong and killing ET without knowing every detail could be a harder challenge


I’m surprised they’re releasing an ET so early. Thought they’d give players more time to get used to the map.

Also, if it’s truly Sean Bean as himself I hope we don’t get another Gary Busey situation where he will never be reactivated after his first appearance.


A target with a weapon? Must be fake. :grin:


I’m pretty excited for the ET nothing else was ever as tense in S1.


And if I understand correctly, Miami is not the first mission? If not, I’m a bit surprised the first ET is not in the first mission, so now I have to rush through the missions and try to master the Miami mission before this ET starts :grimacing:.

Agree, at least it would be better if the first ET was in the first mission, so we have time to master it and unlock all unlocks.


*mission launch date subject to change

Guess it depends on whether the servers meltdown on launch like they did with Paris in March 2016 if this date changes or not.

I’m surprised that they’re launching the ETs so early tbh. The game isn’t even available, yet I already feel like that once I’ve played through the campaign once - I will have to grind through Miami ASAP to be “ready” for this.


They have a lot of faith in Miami and I’m glad of that. We’re looking at a great hopefully. I wonder if he race will be incorporated?

I don’t worry about learning the map too much, will make the experience more interesting. In fact I can use the ET to learn about it.


it’ll be much more interesting because ppl wont be able to follow easy SA guides on YouTube first few days :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder how they can remix Colombia in different contexts. I’m so excited you guys.


Will also see a huge spike in people complaining about failing too tbh.

During the original ET run in HITMAN, the closest an ET was launched to the location’s release date was just over one month with The Congressman in Sapienza. People were given enough time to learn the level enough to make it not just a game of random chance that you find the target - and that once you did you could use knowledge of the location to form a plan instead of just making it up as you go and hoping for the best.

I predict this first ET is going to have a huge failure rate.


there are a few people like me who have pretty much memorized miami by now, due to them showing the entire map in it’s detail.
for me, i’ll be able to complete the ET easily, i imagine, but for people who don’t want to spoil themselves, it’s gonna be pretty bad. i hope IO pushes the ET back


At least Gold/CE players will have about a week to figure things out. Standard edition users are going to have just days, and that’s assuming they don’t push playing back due to work/school/other commitments.


Obviously they’re trying to encourage people to buy the game right after release. Personally I think they should’ve waited at least a few weeks before releasing the first ET.


On top of that, we have to unlock the Miami mission first as well (if we don’t have the option to play the mission in any order we want that is), i’m not sure how many missions we have to play before we open Miami, but I hate to rush in games, especially in games like Hitman, where stealth and taking your time is essential, but it looks like I have to rush through the missions, because I don’t want missed on my first ET, not failed either which is more likely when I don’t have time to be familiar with the map, hopefully the first ET is somewhat easy for new players.




no, you don’t have to unlock the levels.


From the screenshots I’ve seen of the menus, the “Spoiler Alert: You should play XXX before playing this content” message has been retained. So you can skip ahead still, but if even a single person has to do that - then they’re definitely launching the live content way too early.


Luckily they’ve added text to the map, so that might make it easier to locate specific areas.