⏱ HITMAN 2: Elusive Targets--MEGA THREAD


The German FB Post says “Kill the Undying and unlock a exclusive Weapon. Which Weapon will you choose?“

looks like we can get now Weapons for the ETs.



Choose a weapon for clearing an ET? Ooh that’s interesting. I wonder if you still get a location suit? And if SA gets you anything as well? So many questions.


If we get a weapon can it be a Sean Bean robot that shoots laser beams from its eyes and suicide bombs when it gets to low health :laughing:


Maybe the suits are no longer ET rewards? Would make sense, maybe they’re unlocked some other way.


maybe by doing challenges? Suit Only gets you new suits perhaps.


Ruh oh I don’t take my suit off as it is.


Agree and it could save IO-I from all the heat from people who missied or failed too many ET’s and couldn’t unlock all of the suits, especially the signature suit with gloves, that’s a classic suit and everybody want that suit, if they are not tied to ET’s people could unlock the suits in their own tempo as well , instead of waiting to after 5 or 10 completed ET’s.


I think we’ll see more ‘celebrity’ ET’s this time round, obviously we had Gary Busey last time, but I think they’ll be more to come


Keanu Reeves :crossed_fingers:


And instead of suits, who are purely cosmetic items, you can now unlock weapons. Yeah, that’s not going to backfire at all. :roll_eyes:

Best case scenario: They’re cosmetic, too. Just different looking versions of regular weapons. Then people will still complain about not being able to unlock the original Silverballer because they missed/failed to many targets.

Worst case scenario: These unlockable gun actually having unique features. Then a lot more people going to complain about being forced to play ETs for it.

Absolute worst case scenario: Each unlock is tied to a certain ET. Failed to kill the Undying? Then you’ll never get the classic silverballer. Missed the next one? Don’t get the Agent 17 suit.

So no matter what, people will still complain.


Now when we are on the subject on celebrities elusive targets, I would like to see both Timothy Olyphant and Rupert Friend as targets. Also it would serve as a little nod towards the not so well revived movies and for a way for David/47 to show that there is only one true 47. But also honor them in a fun way.


I want 47 kills Chuck Norris :grinning:


Yeah but it is just a gun.


I feel like they forgot the word “reskin” at the end there, given IO’s track record. There is no way they’d lock a truly unique item behind an ET.


Maybe it’s similar to the previous game, where each location has an specific variant of a weapon you can unlock, and achieving Silent Assassin gives you unique weapons regardless of the location. They would be reskins but at least they’re silenced or have more ammunition or whatever.

Something like, killing an ET in Colombia gives you a silenced variant of the Tac 10 or the Ak 47 that the guards use, and SA gives you a more unique weapon.


Nice idea, there was something like this in new Postal game and IO could do the same.


And that’s how Pitman became a super villain. He was denied the gun skin and swore revenge. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d want elusive targets to be elusive for some years, but I think the HITMAN 2016 targets should get released in a few years. The problem with them, is that many of the them only have one or two real solutions, and they would break down really quickly if we could play them over and over, works great when you only have one try.


Well, HITMAN, in my opinion, is about crafting a way to do a mission and then executing it. I can really see the apeal of only having one try when first ariving on location, but it’ll make people even more angry for locking content behind a one try wall. And personally, I’d woundn’t want no restarts to be the case.


Man, if someone photo shopped Sean Beans face on this shadowed pic they released, I would be in hysterics.