⏱ HITMAN 2: Elusive Targets--MEGA THREAD


Do not forget that they will most likely make us earn our Bloody Gloves too.


David Bateson as an ET would be surreal…


ICA wants him dead, because he pretends to be 47 :joy:


David Bateson is 47.


In real life he is but in game David Bateson is a real person sine The Icon has two people discussing who should play the titular superhero.


The Additional Content was a free bonus for anyone who “bought the game on time”. So you didn’t get less product by coming in late. Those who came in early simply got more.

This is why for HITMAN 2… I will be there Day 1. :stuck_out_tongue:


At worst I will rely on @Pagan , @Fortheseven, @Gule , and a few others.
The “Undying”? We shall see how well he lives up to his name when these assassins have done their deed.



Yeah… ain’t it great? :smiley:



More I think about it the more I reckon I won’t grind Miami. It might be fun to play an ET with minimal knowledge of the map :grinning:


Exactly. So what is the only way to win?

Buy HITMAN 2. Pre-order it today and you’ll never have to worry about your sixes or your nines!

It’s that easy! :slight_smile:

But kidding aside. What’s the reason not to get it now? We got all the missions. We’re gonna get 2 expansions.

It’s an easier decision now than for HITMAN.


I did that for the Bad Boy ET. Had not played The Icon before.
It was quite stressful. Simply jumped on the “do something to the car opportunity” and wasted SA, though just barely.


I mean, no one has to though, thats not IOI’s resposibiliuty to cover ‘even a single person’ because if they dont its somehow on IOI then. Personally, I welcome how soon its out. When Elusive targets started with Paris, it was over a month before it finally arrived. Now it comes out one week after release, and ends on the 30th. Thats over two full weeks to learn Miami.


Yeah but there’s also the Legacy Pack and the first Hitman™ 2 level before Miami…

I just hope i’ll have the time to master Miami before the ET arrives or…byebye the SA rating :stuck_out_tongue:


No SA for me!



More accurate? :smile:


And if you feel obligated to go through all of that befroe Miami then thats really up to you. Over two weeks is planty of time.


Two weeks is plenty of time for SOME people; there are others (like myself) who are not going to be able to play nearly as much as we’d like: that is, hardly at all. Two weeks for some is going to equate to maybe a couple of days for me, and I don’t imagine I’m alone on this one. Personally, I’d like a little more time, but I’ll make due. Hopefully we have a second chance to play these ET’s if we blunder the SA first try, unlike the previous installment.


So I guess that’s why the showed us literally everything of the Miami map: To be prepared for the first ET. :grin:

Obviously this was done to encourage people to buy the game at release. Still I think they should’ve waited at least a little bit longer with their first ET to give people a chance to learn everything about the map.


What you guys think about the new briefings, I liked them better in Hitman 2016, now they look too over the top but thats my opinion.