Hitman 2 escalation issue

Hey there! My name is Maxim. First of all, I want to say that I am a big fan of the Hitman series. Thank you guys for the great games.

Unfortunately, I struggled with an issue recently with one of escalations in Hitman 2: The Dubious Cohabitation. I complete what is supposed but the mission is getting failed all the time. I don’t know why. I watched a lot of videos on how other players completed the escalation and I did the same thing. However, they pass and I fail. I suppose that this might be a bug or smth. I play on PS 4. Pls help if possible.

Best regards,

Hello, Maxim! Welcome.

I never heard this escalation having issue like yours, and I don’t get what exactly fails your playthrough. Could you give us more details about how it failed? Something like these:

  • When did the issue happened? Was it when one of the targets was eliminated? Or when you tried to exit the mission?
  • A screenshot or a video of your issue would be even better.

When target was eliminated in the way it should be according to the task. I ll try to send video when possible

https://youtu.be/vaxganMbqEM Here is the video. The same thing happens with all accidential kills and sniper rifle kill (is also suitable according to mission description)

I think I might know whats the problem. I need to kill him only from Chawl building? Cuz in Russian (my native language) its not quite clear


I was just going to say that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, that escalation requires that you make the kills from the Chawl building, where the Kashmerian is.


Yeh, thx) Kinda misunderstood that. In russian it sounds more like his nickname: Hemant from Chawl and the word building is not mentioned))