HITMAN 2 Escalation: The Aelwin Augment (Isle of Sgàil)

The second escalation is here. Good thing IO reduced the levels to three, otherwise this one would be even more repetitive than it already is.

Level 1

  • Retrieve the fish

  • Pacify Finley Henry with the fish

  • Start with restricted loadout (only a Silenced Pistol)

  • Keep the outfit you were wearing on mission start (Tuxedo with mask)

Level 2

  • Pacify 5 civilians with the fish

Level 3

  • Pacify 10 civilians with the fish

  • Don’t drop the fish


Don’t drop the fish.

Honestly there isn’t much else to say. Subduing 10 civilians isn’t that hard. If you pacify Henry, the three other chefs in the kitchen and the two waiters in the room with the stairs leading downstairs you already have 6 out of 10. For the remaining four you just have to lure some of the people in the courtyard in the smaller rooms. If you don’t know how to lure NPCs to an isolate area, I recommend that you stop playing this game.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


don’t drop the fish, the best restriction

Well, thank god this isn’t the horrible sticky pistol complication found in some of the old escalations. This is quite a fun one! :slight_smile:

worst escalation ever made.


Not very creative and defiantly very repetitive but at least not frustratingly unfair. I think the honor of worst Escalation goes to the one in Marrakesh with the landmines.


Very basic, but for what it is - a bit of throwaway fun without too much replay value - I quite enjoyed this one.


Or the one in Sapienza which also has the landmines. Or the Paris one where you have to find an object with no hint as to where it is in the entire map, with it being hidden underneath the Shiehk’s pillow.

Pretty basic escalation. No challenge this time to complete it SA like the one in Colombia, which I’m kindof glad to be honest considering how time consuming it would be to do it to 10 civilians.

A bit of throwaway fun, which most of the Escalations are to me really.


I feel like the Hitman 2016 version of this would have looked something like this:
Level 1: Eliminate Finley Henry with a kitchen knife
Level 2: … and acquire the fish
Level 3: … And you can only wear the suit, no special starting locations
Level 4: … And eliminate this other guy
Level 5: … With extra security cameras around

And honestly I would have really liked to play that! But as it stands, by starting you off just outside the freezer and leaning heavily on the fish gimmick, there’s just not a lot of thought required of you here. I get why people grew tired of five stage escalations, but I prefer the openness of the previous game’s contracts to the more gimmicky ones we’ve seen in GOTY and Hitman 2 so far.


I think they should’ve made the women outside of the cell a target for Level 3 instead of simply increasing the number of people you have to slap. Since you have no lockpick and can’t change outfits, it would’ve made things a bit more challenging. You would’ve to find either the key, a crowbar or another way to reach her.

What a terrible escalation. 2/10 would not play again


was it too hard for you, m8? :stuck_out_tongue: i agree with your rating, that wasnt a good Escalation. am i the only one who finds that stupid Fish terrible childish and overused? it was huge in the Marketing for that Game.

i miss the “subtile“ Humor of the old Games…fuckn fish.


I like the fish, useful item, very good physics. This escalation however was so bad.


The Corky Commotion in bad

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Aw man that starting location is so nice, why did they waste it with such an escalation. :frowning:


They said it would never happen, but we finally got a bad escalation.

Just kidding. They’re mostly all trash - and this one is no exception.

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No landmines all over the kitchen in stage 3 escalation? What the hell were they thinking?!?


Simply throwing something on your side of the door will make her open the door for you. She’s one of the easier pacifications of the ten.

i still havent figured out how to use this anti mine device :smirk:

If I remember correctly, you just have to hold it in your hand for it to work.

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