HITMAN 2 Escalation: The Aelwin Augment (Isle of Sgàil)

Are we still talking about the anti-mine device?

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I was, didn’t manage to click the right button to reply. :smiley:

Good point. But you can always add a complication that makes her ignore distractions.

This sounds awful like a throwaway escalation focused more on padding and tedium instead of something that requires genuine planning and thought.

I do not understand why everyone hates this one. Level 3 was quite fun actually. You only have 6 civilians at a close distance, and for the rest 4 you have several viable options which makes an escalation less lestrictive than it initially appears. Definitely enjoyed it more than the previous one in Colombia.


I knocked out exactly 10 people in this run. The first one you can probably figure out, but I guarantee you can’t guess the tenth.

  • No Guard KOs, and exactly 10 civilians KO’d.
  • Unconventional route: Do not even enter the kitchen, except the freezer.
  • Unconventional target selection: Finley Henry is the only guy anywhere near the kitchen who gets KO’d.
  • Unconventional exit: Tower helipad.

I liked it, like I do most Escalations. They’re my playground for not caring about an SA rating and just doing silly stuff. Hope we get many, many more.

I have only done 1 escalation and that was so I could have the seiger ghost. If this one is easy then perhaps I’ll knock it out tomorrow, I do want to do a few just to get the stupid SMG that I’ll never use lol.