HITMAN 2 Escalation: The Babayeva Dissonance (Isle of Sgàil)

Was gonna hit this escalation up tonight but as I’m 100% up to date I’m gonna treat myself over the weekend :ok_hand:t2:

I hate timers on everything videogame related, therefore, i hate timers on escalations. There has to be another way to make these challenging, right?

The Babayeva Dissonance (LV3), Zero Mastery Walkthrough

A more or less repeatable routing to achieve SA within about five minutes. But you know what? The default loadout is still way too much of an advantage. And I did change into some disguises here for the sake of repeatability and consistency. And that’s just dumb. If we’re not punishing ourselves for the audacity to even play this game, why play at all? That’s why I did another run.

The Babayeva Dissonance (LV3), Suit Only + No Loadout + No Knockouts

Triple digit retries to route and refine, still reliant on RNG in places, goes to places on the map that have nothing whatsoever to do with the Escalation, all the good stuff. The main thing I discovered routing this is that there is a near-100% method for acquiring the HACKL 9S Covert: Do not move the camera or 47 until you have finished the digging animation and picked up the gun. It works basically every time as long as you don’t touch anything but the pick up key/button, otherwise the wonky geometry will make the prompt almost impossible to get to show up.

I have a third run which is Very Bad, in that it’s a bug exploit proof-of-concept (which is clearly indicated in the video itself). I’m debating whether it’s even worth putting up, so I haven’t done so at this time (well I have, but unlisted). I guess if someone’s interested. Most people probably already know how to do it.


Not hard, but… shit, I spent about 5-6 hours yesterday doing 3rd level…
I got a strategy in my head, but while doing that I’ve always been sсrewing up.
But eventually I did what I was going to do and got my well-deserved SA.
It took 25 minutes, but I don’t care about time

Same here. So for my run I decided to place it safely between targets and used breaching charge to blow it up. But for me there was one ‘but’…

… while doing my ran which took long, some guy was entering a stage and doing his speach. While he was on stage he been noticing that breaching charge and all my plan was ruined. So since I didn’t know who this guy is and where he comes from, I followed my strategy first and the last step was placing that BC after he was gone. Took longer, but it secured SA for me

Don’t worry, I think your contract would have still be picked. Because, well, this is IOI


Did this suit only and I must say it’s one of the best escalations so far. This and the Unpalatable Termination were fantastic. Both were challenging and required real ingenuity from the player and also forced the player to make some small alterations on level three. Keep up the good work live service team! P.S: Please bring back the HITMAN 2 elusive targets!

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You spent 25 minutes to do the 3rd level. I spent 8 minutes with only lockpick and coins. After figuring out how to kill the first two targets it was simple and fast. You just had to do some preparation for the third level.

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5-6 hours just doing level 3 :joy: your commitment is unreal bro, but I like it.

Either way I’m glad we’ve got something a little more challenging, the last escalation was very easy IMO.

I just been claiming for SA.
If not, I must have done it a lot faster :slight_smile:

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I had things set up on Lvl 3, but the micro remote explosive must’ve been too close since it gave me a body found deduction. So, I restarted. This time I got up to 4 tanks. Set 2 by the individual targets, one in between those, and another close to that one… with the explosive close to that. Overkill? Yes. But given that there’s so much set-up for the other pistol eliminations - it’s worth it in the end.

“Set-up”? You have to be careful shooting the harp player so that the Elite Guard doesn’t see you from up above. And to get rid of him you have to knock out the other guard that’s with him. Or just look and time it (to keep it simple). Then the cello dude. That’s just a mess. It’d seem that the 2 guys on stage by the bar are the buffer between the cello dude and harp gal.

Apparently these are casual strats. :expressionless:

Maybe I’ll try this one again.

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The Babayeva Dissonance - Level 3 - Suit Only (5.25)

SONKO style! :wink:


Finally got round to doing this last night. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this one, but was pleasantly surprised. A good escalation all round, I’m not overly keen on time restrictions but this one didn’t pan out too bad.

SA’d levels 1-3