HITMAN 2 Escalation: The Chameleon Anonymity (Mumbai)

The new escalation just arrived. Just a heads up.

First Level:
Target: Kill Rajandev Sandeev (A Queen’s Guard in the Laundry Area) as a dancer
Complication: Dancer, Queen’s Guard and Thug can be worn only once and for 60 seconds, Laundy Worker and Textile Worker only once.

Second Level:
New Target: Aditya Balakrishna (Another Guard in the Laundry Area) as a Queen’s Guard
The Objectives from First Level Apply.

Third Level:
New Target: Purain Prailebish (A Queen’s Guard in the Laundry Area) as a Queen’s Guard
The Objectives from the Second Level Apply.


Wow, i must be a pro

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Difficult or relatively straight forward?

Relatively Straight Forward

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No relatively boring you just have to be lucky


where can I find the dancer disguise nearby?

There’s a platform that goes up to the bridge where there are 2 guards overlooking the laundry workers, it’s near or behind one of the stairs. (I believe)


Thanks. this kind of escalation requires master knowledge of the world’s item locations. mainly for very very hardcore fans.

Or u can just use hitman2maps


Thank you. yeah I know about hitman2map,


This cutscene wait is so annoying …


Thats really the main issue with this. I could actually like it if it wasnt for that damn cutscene. But i like the idea behind it, you know. The Laundry Disguises are a good idea for this

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I just don’t like the different time limits and frequencies for different disguises. It’s just not an elegant design that forces you to do things in the exact order the developer wants.

can ppl explain what the cutscene wait is

There is an enforcer behind you when you start as a laundry worker. You need to wait until the cutscene ends and then stop blending in so the guard can move away and not spot you. And stopping blending in takes a while itself too


What is the textile worker?

No idea mate, i was wondering about it myself

you can time it so that the animation ends just when the guard starts walking away. i use starting location a lot

Still need to wait for the cutscene and it annoys

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Ye, thats the problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Oh, nvm, i read it wrong. And yeah, i figured that out after a few tries