HITMAN 2 Escalation: The Chameleon Anonymity (Mumbai)

Short but fun nontheless. I like that all the escalations so far have a certain theme, like making use of all the disguises found in the laundry area.


I like the theme, but i dont like the execution

HITMAN™ 2 - Escalation: The Chameleon Anonymity SA 1:44
I did not have time to polish today, so a simple strategy from me. I did not use a gun in this run. :grinning:
P.S. Sorry for the sound, guys, at this moment I was in a party with friends who were playing a different game and forgot to turn off the recording of their conversation. A little background conversations in Russian, I hope not very annoying. Tomorrow I will make a “clean” video.

Just for fun I tried to see what happens if you attempt to wear the tailor disguise more than once. I figured it’s the closest thing we got to a textile worker. :grin: As expected, I didn’t fail the mission after wearing it a second time. Then I tried the foreman disguise and again, no mission failure. Finally I remembered that in Mumbai food vendors are moonlighting as taxi drivers and textile vendors. But alas same result as bevor.

Guess that’s what happens if you’re bored and have too much time on your hands.


This was a simple but fun escalation. The disguise changes were interesting but nothing over the top or frustrating. Liked it a lot!

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It’s an easy/straightforward escalation but damn was it good compared to the previous one (especially for a Contracts mode style escalation).
Really enjoyable to figure out the solution, and I like the concept of having to use the spare outfits in the laundry. Also I was able to use the new SA rules to my advantage, first time for me in an official contract.


Metal Worker (those guys near furnaces). It’s one of disguises you can find in laundry.


10/10. Dropping the BC and knowing that the last target will run to that location was very creatively executed.


Significantly improved but extremely unreliable strat. I doubt I’m able to do better on this escalation.


How on earth can this be done in 43 seconds?

The Chameleon Anonymity - Levels 1 - 3

0:00 Level 1 (0.42)
1:24 Level 2 (0.56)
3:06 Level 3 (1.14)

This was a really great escalation. I know I’m in a fairly small minority, but I’ve enjoyed all of the escalations in Hitman 2. Three levels that escalate really well and force you to do something a bit different to optimise your approach gets the thumbs-up from me. :+1:


gg as always, Euler. You’ve always got the best XB1 Hitman content for YT. Much love.


The Chameleon Anonymity (LV3) (Suit Retrieval, No Free Disguises)

Normally with these sorts of contracts I try to do everything with free disguises and no knockouts, but that’s clearly the intended process for this Escalation so I had to become a contrarian and refuse to use any disguises that I don’t knock someone out for. Also, start and exit in suit; I think with some wrangling you don’t actually need to change back after each kill, but it might be a little tight getting Dancer off somebody in exactly a minute (once you have it getting out in a minute is trivial, however).

This was ultimately a very silly and stupid idea, but ah well, had to think of something. Another fun one might be “you can’t move while in one of the timed disguises.”

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What’s the point of this?

You can get all of the kills from the location where the disguises are found, but the Queen’s Guard outfit in particular has a fair number of people looking in your direction which would complicate it slightly. The other two you can get fairly clean kills without moving from the spot where you find the disguises.

Then again you can simply drag the corpse of one of the other targets into a good position before switching to the Queen’s Guard disguise. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But you need to be speed