HITMAN 2 Escalation: The Dubious Cohabitation (Mumbai)

Like a couple others have mentioned, I also had the problem where Vivaan’s body would get found and ruin my SA rating. I found a clever work-around by setting a trap: from the balcony in the chawls apartment where you can start, shoot close to Vivaan multiple times until he gets really suspicious. He’ll be so suspicious, in fact, that he’ll come running across the map and charge into your apartment to investigate the shots. Now you’ll be all alone with him to shoot him point-blank with a sniper rifle. And you can even hide his body in the cabinet in your apartment :smiling_imp:

My reaction to Vivaan deciding to run right to the spot from where I was shooting at him:


Awh his is way better DX


Still gonna wear it for the ET tomorrow :blush:


All they did was change the collor and add the pin. I can’t see how they could have fricked the textures up to HITMAN 2 suit levels.

I have found the solution to avoid that the body of Vivaan and/or Abdul could be discovered.
For Abdul you can shot the extinguisher with one bullet and wait that he light a cigarette . In this case, very often he will fall from the building and being discovered. To avoid that, shoot several times on extinguisher when Abdul is near it but not near the edge of the building. The extinguisher explosion is considered as accident even if it is not cause by Abdul and his cigarette.

For Vivaan, it is different, it is depending of the routine of the others gards who walk in this area. For my example, I kill first Hemant & Abdul and I could shoot Vivaan at 1mn50. Each time his body is discovered because another gard is in the area. So I have waited 1mn more and shoot him at 2mn45 and you have largely time to exit without his body discovered.

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And I am taking my time, I am starting the game from the street, go the the kashmirian balcony, and I have to wait at least 1 mn to be able to kill Hemant, with the crane.(for him to be under the crane).
After change the spot , you will be easely ready to kill Vivaan at 1mn45 but wait 1mn more for the body to be not discovered and you will have SA rating.

Another one of the best escalations they’ve made. Level 3 was a little bit of a chore to figure out but the idea is still great

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Ez. Lol this tactic was actually really unreliable because every other time I tried it the SA marker just got red when he started running. So broken.

Didn’t know the local security guy was easy to kill with the cement pipe so I went to the Kashmirian’s spot every time. Well, I’m still ok with my time. I had just enough time to get the the taxi before the queen’s bodyguard’s body was found.

The suit is pretty cool. :+1:


Relatively easy but a new take on escalations which I found quite refreshing :+1:t2: I like the suit too, any escalation with a reward is winning in my book :clap:


You can also apparently scare the Kashmirian out of Mumbai…


Give the Target the Electrocution phone and then run all the way back to the Chawl! :laughing:

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No, that’s not my way.
Too simple, too boring, too not inventive.
If you want see my way, scroll a bit up for my video.

I haven’t never used that phone yet, by the way

I did it almost identically except I used Room 909 powers. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did that too.It is a cool thing .:smiley:

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Ami the only one who wishes they had just given us the blue suit that Kasmirian wears? With the brown gloves and the hat? I know 47 says “always bet on black,” but I still really like the no tie blue suit.

Yeah but they had to make the distinction between disguises.

I’d have like the black suit to have gloves and a hat still but what we’ve got is still cool. I just hope they can redo the textures and models for some suits


They could have made a really small change. Or possibly even left them alone and sent us all a memo that said “while these two look identical, the one you unlocked will function as your default and not as Kasmirian”

This would avoid the players ability to start the level in a costume.

Will admit the suit looks shabby , would have preferred the (real ) cashmerian suit with the hat…