HITMAN 2 Escalation: The Hirani Evacuation (Mumbai)

New escalation released, and Mumbai finally joins the live content squad


1st level - push a bastard in a lift shaft.
Something new. Hope it will be fun and interesting

Yess finally. Here’s to more Live content in Mumbai and other untouched locations… :clinking_glasses:

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I should say this is not so usual escalation. Pretty clever and interesting.
Want more this kind of content

That’s how it’s felt for me - tough without being impossible, definitely has me thinking a bit harder on what route I should be taking. Didn’t get to finish level 3 due to work, but I’m eager to try it out again - having the painter tossed in is really going to make it difficult.

Yeah it’s a puzzle that’s why I like this escalation.
Not that easy, but relatively easy doable if to learn the situation.
But I didn’t came up with the strategy that might’ve been recorded for sharing with community.
It took me over 15 minutes and over 10 tryes to deal with 3rd level.
Noob? :slight_smile:

I like this one. What I hate about contracts fits escalations nicely, failconditions that force you to adapt. So not being spotted and not being able to switch disguises makes this one interesting. Finished it in 7 minutes something.

Side note: I got the exit prompt after killing the last target on the highest level although he was nowhere near the elevator shaft. I threw him down there anyways just because (and because it was my exit route anyways), but the elevator shaft area either seems to be defined veeery generous or the condition is bugged.

HITMAN™ 2 - Escalation: The Hirani Evacuation SA 3:03

Let’s start from me. I really enjoyed this escalation.


Put me down for another person who really enjoyed The Hirani Evacuation.

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Yes, I also really liked this escalation. Focusing on a theme thats unique to the level is a cool idea.

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Is a cool escalation, i like it. I made a full video about it. Unfortunately for me Mumbai is the one that i played less because i didn’t have much free time when HITMAN 2 was released, so i had started as security guard but i don’t regret it.

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Funny little detail I discovered: You can finish the mission without actually killing any of your targets. Dumping them into the elevator shaft one the lowest level isn’t lethal and still completes the objective. :wink:


Amazing! So you could end escalation without any kills?
Edit: Either Pitman has edited his post or I wasn’t attentive when read it.

Looks like a decent escalation. Haven’t really tried it because the game crashed again within 5 minutes, so back to not playing hitman for a while.

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Did you try DXVK workaround that I found 2 weeks ago ?

Saw this was being released and then forgot about it! Gonna get stuck into this one when I’m home, looks from the feedback as if its a little more challenging than previous escalations?

I would say so

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While appreciated, too much effort mate. IO just need to get their shit together, simple

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Of course, but can be useful to play next ET without crash… you know what I mean.

The way I did it.

Level 1, you have to distract the target at the right time (otherwise you’ll need to subdue both of those guys).

Level 2 you have to get a guard out of the way to get to a spot to place a weapon for the target to see and take down stairs. and…

Level 3 you just have to drag the target by the door, but use instinct to make sure nobody is looking your way. I did try setting a coin at the edge of the shaft, then kicked him down, but got spotted.

It’s a little more involved than that, but those are the key actions. This got me a time of around 7 minutes, but I think I could’ve gotten closer to 6.

eta: Got it down to 5:22.

eta2: I HATE when this happens. I try to sleep, but another, possibly faster route keeps running through my head.

eta2: Finally got a time of 3:22. Perhaps now I can rest in peace. :smile: