HITMAN 2 Escalation: The Macmillan Surreptition (Santa Fortuna)

First escalation in Hitman 2 is now live in Santa Fortuna!


Like the Patient Zero escalations it has only 3 levels, seems like that’s what we can except from every escalation from now on. A good thing, considering that you often had escalation levels that felt almost identical. Also like in Patient Zero it has a fixed starting point.

Level 1

  • Kill Floreal Cordora Melgar with a machete

  • Don’t leave the foliage for longer than 15 seconds

Level 2

  • Kill Licio Dominquez Camarilla with a pistol

Level 3:

  • Kill Ciril Adame Cabrera in melee

  • The helicopter exit is not available


  • The machete is stuck in a tree near the starting position
  • All targets are members of two-man patrols. Starting the level with coins to separate them is recommended
  • Avoid getting recorded by cameras if you want to keep your SA rating. There’s no recording device at the coca plantation and you probably can’t make it to any of the devices before the timer runs out.

Kind of glad they’ve reduced them to 3, the early levels were always a bit of a bore. Looking forward to trying it when I get in.


On level 3 I got #1 on the PS4 leaderboards with SA in 3:32! It would’ve been faster but I spent 20 seconds hiding bodies at the end for some reason. Only like 40 people have played it right now though so it’s meaningless :smile:

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I tried this escalation an I like more this style for this game mode… 3 levels are less boring and doesn’t feel samey and let’s hope that the special objectives will be interesting and make use of the new Hitman mechanics like this one for hiding in foliage… i’m Sure that they will make some escalation with hiding in crowds and even something with briefcase transporting or mirrors mechanic

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One starting location again? That sucks!

They did it so people could be closer to the machete I guess. I mean this escalation seems to not venture further than the coca field

Yes you are close to machete and the location take place only on the coca field so anyway you finish to start from this point even if you have the choice… in this way they make this mode more streamlined and you have full Colombia for contract mode if you want different opportunities and starting locations and all these things.

Relatively easy SA on level 3 then?

Part of the escalation puzzles, especially those coming with a time constraint, was coming up with the correct starting location. It’s a pity they took that aspect away and “solved” it for you, but it’s a minor detail for me.
However, I feel the earth trembling. I think there’s a horde of speedrunners on its way to this very thread :-p


Yes and no… there’s some complications for luring guard and koing/killing them without being seen. And you have to stay in foliage almost ever.

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Well it is only the first one of hundreds to come IO just want new users to actually play them since I only did it for the GOTY unlocks

Yes but that part of the puzzles is even on all normal contracts mission so if you search this you can do there. I think if IOI choosed to impose some direction for their escalations for me is good… even because I can see in the future some escalations that force you to start in trespassing area with only your suit and no disguise change.

This was actually a great esscalation, I’m looking forward to many more.

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I thought it was a good one. I do agree with IOI though that reducing escalations from 5 steps to 3 is a smart move. It always felt like with the 5 step ones that that first 2 steps were often super easy and it felt a bit boring until step 3 or 4 where the real challenge of the escalation actually kicked in. I liked this escalation because all 3 steps have a challenge, and it’s basically the same challenge, in that it revolves around killing members of 2 men teams. Some of the early escalations had the bad habit of having vague first steps, so it suddenly surprised you in step 3 what the actual challenge was, if that makes sense.

Question for anyone who may know, but does IOI plan to port all the Season 1 escalations to Hitman 2? I know we’ve got a few in and the GOTY ones, but is it planned to eventually have all of them back?

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I don’t think so since Escalations were a bit of a wash in season one for a good while. They MIGHT bring a few back but I wouldn’t hold my breath

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To be honest, I can’t say I’d care that much if they wern’t ported. I guess I just feel like they should just so that it helps make the Hitman 2 legacy maps feel as definitive as the originals.


So long as the new ones are as good as Macmillan then I am alright with them.:grinning:

Maybe they will add new ones to the legacy?


Who knows, maybe? Would be nice for Colorado and Hokkaido to get more, since I believe each only has 2 escalations.

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Is it good? Looks rather shit on first sight. Ah well, will check it tonight