HITMAN 2 Escalation: The Marinello Motivation (Isle of Sgàil)

Just saw they updated the game again. I had missed the announcement of this escalation. Could be good practice for the upcoming ET!

All starting locations available :wink:


How did you get 00.50 on the first level? I tried ti figure out all the ways, nothing seemed to make sense.

Just run up and propane the guy


Im gonna reset and try it later then :+1:

First got 3:11, then cut it down to 1:58 for (at the time of posting this) 33rd global rank.

The really fast ones have to be starting at the spot next to Jebidiah Block… And probably taking advantage of that ‘Trespassing’ exploit.

eta: There’s no starting point next to Jeb. I’m thinking of ‘The Keep’ (aka: the helicopter exit). And that’s farther away than the 2 best/closest starting points.

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Nahh, just warehouse spawnpoint, dodging the enforcers only adds a few seconds tops


If you are recording your run plz upload. I like to see different approches :grin:

I didn’t record anything because i wasn’t happy with my times, but heres the vod from twitch:

SA run at 18.40 min.



But pretty sloppy execution. Could be done in 43 with big one.
Tested also sniper, which is 52 on Level 1.
It’s a funny escalation with much freedom. Also Suit only works :smiley:
What did you do on the 3 levels?

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Ok im sure I wont be able to even come close to make those distractions work for me hahaha @CHAOS_AGENT_45

Nice thanks for the uploads

People say the targets are too staionary but I actually liked them. First guy can be bullet lured and the other either runs to the first when he sees the body or runs into isolation if he panics.

Did architect’s start though, so it might be less enjoyable with all the enforcers.


Geez guys, I don’t see what’s so hard about this escalation, I got SA/SO no problem!

The Marinello Motivation (Clown Style)

Okay, okay, here’s some real runs to wash out the bad taste of that.

The Marinello Motivation (Zero Mastery)

Also SA/SO/FW/!KO/ABH, because why the heck not. I did take some gunshots and killed the cameras, though the camera thing was completely unnecessary as I never actually went inside the armory.

The Marinello Motivation (Sniper Assassin - 0:55)

Both targets can be bullet lured from the ground floor, though getting them both timely and getting out is trickier. I’m guessing most sub-0:50 times are going to require doing some work indoors, but I was only ever able to get about 0:58 doing that.


Just to get this straight, you sniped them while both don’t face you, they are in one line and you did NOT use the Lancer?


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Cool runs
No one said its hard to complete. I just wondered about the fast runs

I tried that. The Lancer shot penetrates both bodies and strikes the stairs, causing the Architects at the top to turn around and spot the bodies. Overpenetration and bullet distraction audio makes the Lancer practically useless even in scenarios where it ought to be most valuable.

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When you shot at that area with pistol before they arrive, the Lancer bullet will panic them.

Nothing too fancy, just the good ol’ fiberwire. Had fun with this one!


That has nothing to do with it; they cannot hear either of those pistol shots, nor can they hear me firing from that elevation. Even it did that though, them turning around is bad regardless. If you Lancer in that position, I guarantee you the bodies will be discovered due to the round penetrating the bodies and causing a bullet impact sound. If the shot impacts somewhere outside their hearing range or never impacts anything (firing at such an angle as to have open sky behind both targets, say), it would work. It just doesn’t work there because you’re either frontal shooting (which magically makes noise) or back shooting too close to those civilians. The Ghost bullets don’t penetrate and back shots are silent, ensuring no body found.

EDIT: Unless you mean prep-firing to cause a panic later, but the odds of them spinning around in a panic and spotting the bodies is way too high for that to be reliable.

Yeah meant that but true they jump around anyway.