HITMAN 2 Escalation: The Mills Reverie (Halloween Escalation) (Hawkes Bay)


After seeing the trailer I was really hoping we were going to get the pumpkin head suit as an unlock. They gave us Father Christmas so why not the giant pumpkin head?! None the less glad we’re getting the wet suit.

Also glad this will be a permanent addition to the game.


Imagine being IO and you are so glad people wont ask for the wetsuit again, just to get anoyed by pumpkin-suit requests from now on. :joy:


https://www.delish.com/food/a55212/pumpkin-spice-latte-deodorant/ That’s only thing I found :man_shrugging:

Being in Orson’s nightmare, I can accept not unlocking the pumpkin suit. It’s not even a real thing in the Hitman universe anyways, lol
Really looking forward to what kind of escalations to make it harder this is going to be!

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The wetsuit is actually a lot cooler for me personally. I love goofy suits but I think the pumpkin would’ve actually been a little over the top

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Considering that the pumpkin mask is hollow inside, it does feel over the top.


We have the Blue Flamingo. What is over the top at this point?


True true. Except the blue flamingo at least belonged in a location—Miami. The pumpkin would kind of fit in Hawkes but nobody really plays it that much anyways. The wetsuit on the other hand, fits in both beach locations and dark locations for some good old fashioned awesomeness


The Pumpkin one is just the Scarecrow from Colorado with a pumpkin skin for the head. As far as I’m concerned, it would fit right in both HB and Colorado, just like the Wetsuit.


Forgot about Colorado actually. That’s ur opinion abt where it’d fit, just like how I gave you mine. I personally like the wetsuit more but still want to see both

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Prediction: the map will start as relatively normal Hawke’s Bay, and with every level of the escalation it will change more and more and get spookier every time.


The moment Hitman let us dress as a clown on every mission they kind of killed the argument of anything being too silly. I know the clown suit is a reference to Blood Money and clowns are a real thing but showing up to a fashion show as a clown or having a clown take down a militia is just silly. Same with Santa and to a lesser degree the Futo suit.

I’d personally love the addition of this Halloween suit. If you don’t want this level of silliness in Hitman just stick to all the other suits.

Plus just imagine the Horror/Halloween contracts we could make where they’re themed around the pumpkin guy killing people.


I dont mean to be a douche but Ill do it anyway… clown suit could help in certain situations as an assassin. (Blending into party, making people remember useless details, holding a bat :joy:). Regardless, that pumpkin suit would be a fun unlock.

It never changes. Never.


Sorry for silly question, but till which date this themed escalation takes place?


20 karrots for me

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No, I mean: when will it end? :slight_smile:

Never.It is an escalation.:slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, cool. Well, I thought as far as it is the themed escalation, it would be time-limited, but okay then. Thanks