HITMAN 2 Escalation: The Scarlet Deceit (Isle of Sgàil)

Level 1 - Eliminate Constantin (haha I get it) The Butler with a pistol

Level 2 - Eliminate Constantin with a kitchen knife without changing disguise

Level 3 - Pacify Constantin with a lead pipe without eliminating non targets and without changing disguise

Pretty great escalation imo. I love that it’s just changing your strat up with a single change in how the character must be eliminated, having you switch up starting locations and load outs all for one guy. I also like how it kind of lives up to the name by fooling you into thinking you’ll become the Butler or go after someone else only to have different levels of different ways to kill Constantin. Tho I think level 3 was supposed to be a “don’t pacify non-targets” complication and they put this in on accident because not killing anybody doesn’t change much


This one was simple but pretty nice. You could say you can feel more tranquility by playing this one than the Batty escalation from last week.


this is one of those escalations that’s actually worth resetting


You’ll find yourself “constantine” playing this one? :d


Done and dusted. As they say in the UK ‘piece of piss’


Wow these terrible puns are really starting to… escalate.


You could say I’m “BEARy unBEARable”. :B


Just plain aweful and boring. Not escalation worthy

Ding dong diddo that’s where you’re wrong kiddo

Nope, it simply is trash. Not interesting at all. 1 target escalations are boring af. Last one was much better.

Hell, even the miami one with koing people with soda cans was better than this

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Nah doing it without KOs suit only default starting location is super fun

No still boring af. Might be the worst escalation so far this season

Totally agree with you

I knew that the butler‘s name was Constantin almost since release and only after reading this I realized why they gave him that name. :open_mouth:

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You’ve never played the Treasonous Mimicry?

Yes i have


Far better than this boring af escalation

You should seriously try no KOs in the default starting location. I had a lot of fun with it

No i shouldn’t. This escalation does not deserve any playing time. And why on earth would i want to use the default one, way too slow

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Does anyone know where a lead pipe is? Trying to find it for level 3

Sewer/flood control area, accessible from either the dock (past the guard house) or more easily from the gallery/aquarium area by entering the staff corridor and dropping down a ladder.

I found it easiest to start as staff serving food in the entrance hall, then running to get the pipe before climbing the tower to the target.