HITMAN 2 Escalation: The Scarlet Deceit (Isle of Sgàil)

Did The Scarlet Deceit snub you at a bar?

I liked the idea but the constant is trolling me as per usual, which puts me off :face_with_monocle:

Ioi should have just added the constant as target :smirk:

I smuggled (something) in that hallway near the bar area, and set the briefcase in front of the door to keep that d :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: hole away. :smile:


Alright, finally got around to doing this one

It’s not bad it’s just… not good either. I mean it’s essentially just a custom contract where items were chosen that you have to go through a long route rather than just walking straight to the target? Literally out of all three levels, there’s only one aspect which can’t be recreated in Contracts mode: Pacify with pipe. That’s hardly special enough to warrant this escalation. Like almost all escalations this is just filler material. May as well have been a Featured Contract.

On the upside at least it was easy enough to get SA in your first or second shot of each level, so didn’t eat up too much of my time.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that when an escalation requires you to look up H2Maps just to play it, probably not a good thing

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The Scarlett Deceit - Levels 1-3

0:00 Level 1 (1.08)
1:50 Level 2 (1.58)
4:32 Level 3 (2.08)


Is there only the one in the whole map? I checked Hitman 2 maps and I could only find the one you’re referring to

Not sure if this has been discussed before on another forum post but…

What is up with the buried pistol in the sewer / flood control area where you pick up the lead pipe?

I forgot about it when I performed my play through of the level. I had to backtrack with the shovel to dig it up, but I never figured out this pistol’s significance. Are there any other similar areas in this level (and why)? THX!

Interesting. What type of pistol is it?

As far as I know that’s the only one.

Yep, it’s a suppressed Hackl. I just never figured out why it was there in THAT particular spot.

I briefly felt a vibration on the PS4 controller when I was on top of the Constant’s Tower, but I’ll have to re-check with a shovel later.

After the buried stuff in Vermont and now the buried pistol (& maybe more) on the isle itself,I’m curious what else we’ve missed.

(I didn’t know there was another safe combo in the wooden ship across from the fireplace…)

The Scarlett Deceit (LV3) [Minimalist, Commentary]

Minimalist can mean various things but in this particular case it’s just trying to do as little as possible and necessary:

  • Suit Only.
  • No non-target KOs.
  • No items except the Lead Pipe which is only used to KO Constantin.
  • No thrown distractions (as that would be using an item and/or using the Lead Pipe for another purpose).

Not a lot of actually useful game information in my ramblings here, except the thing about crouch state being preserved when climbing. This also applies to held items; if you can get into a climbing state with a held item that would normally be dropped, it will remain with you until you get back out of a climbing state no matter how long that takes. This can actually be used in the Tower as there are some ridiculously circuitous climbing routes in and around it, but I’ve never actually needed to do it for anything useful and have yet to invent a contract where doing so is even remotely optimal.


On one of my playthroughs of this (the 2nd one, I believe) I used the ‘climb down’ exit and was caught trespassing (as the circle built up to activate the Exit), but I still had a ‘Never Spotted’ bonus, and SA.

Not sure if that’s a bug… But I’m fine with it. :grin:


On Level 3 the butler is still listed as a target, yet when you pacify and then kill him, you fail the mission. Seems like a small oversight. @Travis_IOI

Yes, I pacified him and threw him out of a window just to see what would happen.

Yes, I know that I really need a better hobby. :sweat_smile:

Not an oversight, the client is paying you to pacify, not to kill, so that’s an unsanctioned kill!

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I seriously doubt that there’s a client or any kind of story behind the escalations. The thing is, he’s listed as target in the mission objectives. So killing him shouldn’t mean you fail the mission like with non-targets.

This is why it should have the blue objective icon instead of the red one


Done, SA on all 3 levels :partying_face:, glad it was not to kill anybody in level 3, it would be near impossible with no knockouts :grimacing: :smiley:.