Hitman 2 exit music

I don’t see any thread about this one already, so here goes: does anyone else think that the music that plays when 47 exits the map in H2 is too subdued and plain? Even weak? The music that played for H1 exits was exciting and triumphant, making you feel even better about your accomplishment. But the new one, it’s just blah. It’s especially sucky for when you take a vehicle out of the stage, particularly something cool like a helicopter. I hope for H3 they either bring back the music from H1 or give us a new one that’s more appropriate, more in line with the excitement of getting away. Anyone else agree, or is it fine for you?


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They subdued a lot of things in H2. Music score in levels is improved overall though in comparison with monotonous H1 score.
But yes, the appealing moments like exit music is sore thumb.

I personally love exit themes, Niels did an excellent work varying themes on each levels :heart:

GG :+1:

Yeah, and the current one just doesn’t do it for me. Sound more like you’re going for a leisurely stroll.

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Score screen music in H2016 > Current score screen
I like the score screen music but it doesn’t feel as impactful.
Other than that I think the exit music is great.

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I mean, completing contracts on high-profile people is no easy task. You should get the feeling of that.


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Maybe you could link the music to your accomplishments? The better your score, the more positive it becomes. Got SA rating? Triumphant orchestra. Average score? Neutral composition. Killed everyone on the map? Sinister piano.


That’s a cool idea, that would be awesome. It would clue you in to how well you did before you get your rankings.

That would be really cool, actually. It would also take a lot of work to compose however, and I don’t feel like IO would be willing to do that in a future update.

@David47 will you post your reply already! :grin:

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I agree, OP. I do like the exit music, but it could use a little more bite.

The exit music also gets a bit repetitive, no matter what it is, because we hear it so often, so it’d be a neat little addition if, in the audio section of the options menu, we were able to switch between two or three different tracks, at will.

One of these alternative options could be a darkly gothic victory theme, reminiscent of Blood Money; and another could have a techno-rock edge to it or something.

(Yeah, that’s not going to happen, but it’d be a nice touch. Gamers love being able to personalize their experience, even in small ways.)

lol. I deleted my first reply because it was redundant. People had already said what I was going to say.

Also, yeah … I’m slow at everything. :smile:

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We know mate, thats alright haha

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