Hitman 2 expanison pass

Why cant i download hitman 2 expanison pass even tho i bought it please fix this problem or i sue you

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  1. Welcome to the forum

  2. You’re gonna need to give more information than that (platform, etc) if you want someone to be able to help you

  3. IO doesn’t run this forum

  4. You’re not gonna sue them, just chill


This is probably another case of needing to go to the platform store, search for the names of the DLCs and install them.


Access Pass is not something downloadable.
Access Pass opens you access (what a surprise, huh?) to all the stuff that is available for the game.
But that stuff is not downloaded automatically and you need to search for it in your store and download everything one by one.
I think the list of what is now available for you is on the game’s page in your library, just go to DLC section and you should find everything there