HITMAN 2 EXPANSION 1 & 2 What do you like to see?

So since the game released I been thinking about what I want to see and possible outcomes. The two Expansion Packs will feature new Location and Missions that have yet to be disclosed.

There are two things I kinda want to see, one being new missions continuing the story and Missions centred around Subject 6.

I could Imagine missions where you play as Lucas aka. Subject 6 either in the present or the past. Missions that will establish his relationship to the world after his escape, it could be away for IO revisit old characters like Lee Hong, Pablo and so on. Of course they wouldn’t be targets, but my VIP characters and a way for Lucas to learn more about Providence and Ort-Meyers project.

I wouldn’t mind seeing old classic maps remade and giving new life at this point, or just doing more hits with 47.

I’m excited to see what IO has in store for us down the line.


Missions without Illuminati plots and just straightforward assassinations of people with their own agenda and ideas. That’s what I liked about the bonus episode. Also, a big plus will be some extra unlockables and that the locations for contracts mode aren’t as restricted as the ones of the Bonus episode of S1.


I actually think a mission where you play as Grey isnt a bad idea. He said he was working for Cobb and the game kinda hints that is how he started his assault on providence. I wouldn’t want to play as him more than once or twice, but maybe one mission where in the cut scene Cobb takes him from just a body guard to “I need you to handle this for me” and we make kill as Grey could be fun. Then if there’s a second it would be Grey taking care of Cobb. The only issue is that we already know Cobb went down in a plane crash, so perhaps there is some other providence guy Grey got to between them that is unseen in the cutscenes? That would help facilitate a sandbox. I wouldn’t want any more than that though.


I like the idea with Lucas Grey being the playable character, for at least one mission. But I suspect this could be too much of an ask for IOI since most people want him to play a bit differently. The disguise and suit thing is 47’s deal, so what would Lucas Grey have? I’m not too sure. The gunplay would need to be improved considerably for any kind of meaningful fun outside of stealth.

Aside from that, people have been posting on the Hitman reddit about maps they would like to see. The top suggestion is an airport level along with an aeroplane section where, if your target boards the plane, so can you and that’s what the level becomes. The second suggestion is my own, which is a skyscraper office building done properly unlike in previous attempts in previous games such as House of Cards and Graveyard Shift.

Aside from those map suggestions, I would like IOI to amp up diversification in every possible way. More animations, no more pink stickers and improved already-established mechanics with more depth.


Aero port and/or plane level has long been on top of the wish list.


Just give me 47 in new, big sandbox locations with targets to eliminate and nothing more. One new map per DLC, along with one reworked existing map, should be good enough for me.


I think both mission with Lucas taking place in either the past or those hinted towards in H2 could be very interesting to explore. Personally I really want to explore the Institute for Human Betterment’s ruins. Always loved exploring old abandoned facilities, not that I believe there is much mission fun to be had in a place like that. I just want to walk around in the Institute.

That is more or less also my fear about Lucas Grey, he’s not about masking his operations. He wants to send a message, big and loud ones. I think that in the end it would take to much away from the games core idea. Unless you play him in the past, where he relies more on subterfuge and stealth.

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Or perhaps just one small mission where stealth is not too much of an option. I don’t mean you couldnt go stealth, but maybe he isn’t a master of costumes. It’s a departure from the gameplay mechanics that we love but I’d be ok with it once. Perhaps only as reworked map. A new location should, of course, be a real hitman level.

I want the mission where 47 kills Diana’s parents at the graveyard in another Sapienza bonus mission.


I’d be happy with a sniper map per expansion and a bonus campaign with 5 mission each, 1 of them being a new location and the others being changed up version of the current maps

5 bonus missions, a sniper map and new location?! Io are generous but not that generous

Tbh I just want bonus missions of 47 killing baddies. I don’t want any campaign stuff or Lucas grey missions, in my opinion it would feel like absolution and them sacrificing gameplay for story (and a shite story at that)

I don’t necessarily mean a story, i’m just assuming each expansion is going to be like the GOTY version of 2016, with a new location per expansion

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One word.


Yeah, I want something - not a skyscraper, but talller than Rangan Tower by a bit and also finished. It could be anywhere. Any big city, preferably in a first world country. I think that verticality is not good all the time, but we need more of it.


This, my thoughts exactly.

Has there been any kind of info about them? It’s been two months since release and there is no release window or anything.

I hope they bring back the actual assassination business


New location + 2 bonus missions + 1 sniper map for every expansion is fine for me! I’d like more guns like revolver, sawn-off shotgun concealable, M60, R93, dual wielding exc…

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I’d like some new weapon models (mainly for silenced pistols, but, GOD, I want a silenced sniper rifle that isn’t a Sieger. The Jaeger 7 Tuatara, perhaps?), perhaps an update to some of the animations, obviously a lot of bug and glitch fixes and, most importantly of all, the incineration and memory-wiping of the driving gloves #DefaultGlovesAreBestGloves (srsly though I’m all about suits so some nice location specific outfits THAT CAN BE UNLOCKED BECAUSE WHY CAN’T THEY BE would be great)


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