HITMAN 2 EXPANSION 1 & 2 What do you like to see?

I’m hoping for the opposite, to visit inside of the bank, some either super fancy, historical one, or modern, with insane futuristic architecture. And the IT guy disguise… it just sounds like something, that’s going to have some stories opportunity around it.

And to snipe the boat, maybe from above of some harbour crane. If it’s cargo ship, there should be enought of free space for NPCs to spread up, plenty of accident opportunities to drop thing on to them and stuff like that.


Yeah the bank has to many features to be some sniping level and things like the robbers and IT guys have a sense of dynamism that you can’t correlate to setting up and manning a sniper’s nest. The ship will be a docklands slaying and the bank is a regular mission.


Where did a boat come from? I heard there was a beach and a bank.

The list of disguises the one with all the place holder images is neither Stingray or Racoon. Seagull has an NPC with a captaincy and several images while placeholders evoke a naval tradition and some of them are engineer/construction workers.

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Wait, where’s the leak/info on Seagull?! I think I missed something

Here the file is titled Seagull. Greedy is the bank and Opulent is the resort.

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spoiler tags please :>

OK just for you Cake.

AND done.

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Yo @cakeblock941 you made those images didn’t you? Have you looked inside the Greedy and Opulent map? And were there any pics??

dam you Travis!


Stahp teasing us Travis. Stahp!

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i didn’t make these images, im just compiling them here from other ppl


Travis has just confirmed to me on Reddit its today!!!


Ohhh okay, I’ve seen that image a million times, but no one told me it was Seagull. This whole time a bunch of us were assuming it was meant to be Raccoon, and were perplexed why almost none of the uniforms match a level set in a bank.

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Watch_Dogs had some somewhat controversial settings, such as Aiden going “undercover” to infiltrate a sex slave symposium.
Something like that, or the auction scene from ‘Taken’ (though that may be too much like the IAGO auction) or the underground, almost cult-like community from John Wick might add an interesting dynamic to a level (or perhaps the game as a whole, who knows?).


Another coincidence ? :thinking:

Or maybe @Clemens_IOI just love skyscrapers :joy:


@Clemens_IOI Your image is a countdown, right ?

Sniper map extension was announced on March 7th for a release on March 26th. When you posted your tweet, time progression between these two dates was 47%.

EDIT: Seems the Bank of America Plaza building in Dallas (2017)


the world may have forgotten about oversexualized assassin nun’s, but I haven’t.

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People who think this is a hint: Well it very likely isn’t. It is from this website where you can buy textures.
(However the texture is tagged as Hongkong, so there is a chance IO looked for and found a picture of it on purpose!)

Other pictures I recognize from the game are these, which by this means they also don’t hint anything.