HITMAN 2 EXPANSION 1 & 2 What do you like to see?

Watch_Dogs had some somewhat controversial settings, such as Aiden going “undercover” to infiltrate a sex slave symposium.
Something like that, or the auction scene from ‘Taken’ (though that may be too much like the IAGO auction) or the underground, almost cult-like community from John Wick might add an interesting dynamic to a level (or perhaps the game as a whole, who knows?).


Another coincidence ? :thinking:

Or maybe @Clemens_IOI just love skyscrapers :joy:


@Clemens_IOI Your image is a countdown, right ?

Sniper map extension was announced on March 7th for a release on March 26th. When you posted your tweet, time progression between these two dates was 47%.

EDIT: Seems the Bank of America Plaza building in Dallas (2017)


the world may have forgotten about oversexualized assassin nun’s, but I haven’t.

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People who think this is a hint: Well it very likely isn’t. It is from this website where you can buy textures.
(However the texture is tagged as Hongkong, so there is a chance IO looked for and found a picture of it on purpose!)

Other pictures I recognize from the game are these, which by this means they also don’t hint anything.