HITMAN 2 EXPANSION 1 & 2 What do you like to see?


an airport would be awesome. much security and opportunities


But it could possibly be to linear. Lets say the target has an hour till he gets on the plane. While you could still probably plant a bomb on it and blow it mid air, there would only be so much time before it theoretically goes out of range, a feature IOI would have to implement.

Possible problem with either would be lifts. Stangely IO really don’t want to implement them, as evidenced in every level in 2016 and 2018, especially Miami in which there is even a lift shaft. While its not as much a problem in an Airport as much as in a high rise, people still have disabilities, prams, wheelchairs, older people etc. so lifts would still be necessary. Not sure if you’re the one to ask @Travis_IOI but is it a limitation of the engine or something? Or was there simply not enough time/resources?


47 killed a bird and few civilians in BM and nobody said nothing. Also he killed Vice Predsident of USA in White House.

If this is not controversial then Airport mission will not.


Uhh Amendment XXV had you set out to assassinate a Veep who wanted to assassinate the President and was abetting a major conspiracy and the only enemies are service men, with the context to the kill being clear cut that is NOT comparable to No Russian or a similar environment where the objective was to mow down random civilians as a terrorist act (such terrorist acts have become alarmingly popular again) in a mission that is wholly unnecessary.


I’m not comparing with No Russian, I mean a mission passing airport in Hitman won’t be controversial since 47 won’t kill anyone except targets.


i predict that one of the expansions will be a Sniper Map.


Well you control 47, right? I’m sure someone would do some kill everyone challenge.
and @MrOchoa :wink:




Give us a prison level and I’m happy


This. A Swiss Ski Resort has been on my Hitman wishlist for a while. As has a return to Russia.


Uhh some locations I would like to see:

Belize: Have some nice ruins to have 47 romp around and kill black market smugglers in. Have it be deep in the jungle with foliage and birdsong in the background. Maybe have Nathan Blake return for an opportunity.

South Pacific: Just make up some Marquess island parody and have 47 take out a criminal or celebrity while he is in his smart-home villa. Have some opportunities installed and its like a cross between Sgail and Hawke’s Bay.

Australia: So long as they don’t do a cruise liner, train, plane, airport or any other transportation themed location then I don’t care where the level is set or who the target is (well I want him to be human of course)

West Virginia: Have some sort of huge mining facility that 47 can dispatch bent mining big-wigs or whatever. Have plenty of accidents and cave in points and your good to go.


I’ve never found the piercing effect of the Lancer to be useful, so I guess that’s where we disagree.

I just don’t like the model of the Sieger. It just looks too blocky, even for being a slightly-different WA2K. It just doesn’t look right to me.


Anything less than a brand new location at a decent scale (lets say Mumbai or Colombia size) with a full set of challenges, trophies and a full set of unlocks for mastery levels 1-20 won’t do will it?


They might be cut down from the main ones. Still, new, great locations, and I am real excited for em, but considering that there are 2 whole new locations only for Gold & CE & 1/2 Silver Buyers I kind of expect them to be sized down. But I do hope they are a great size.





Yeah but I don’t think they should be any different to the current locations we have?


Considering that the PZ missions were essentially a campaign of Bonus Missions in that they reused S1 episodes, I just… Guess I am kind of expecting them not to be as big. Tbh, I’m shocked that they even made new locations at all - I expected more reused locations - so congrats and thanks to IO on that part. But if you were making a game, would you focus more on the main missions or the DLC? I hope I’m wrong though, just don’t expect a new Colombia or Sapienza.


Yeah but PZ was always advertised at them being additional missions in existing locations. They’ve advertised expansion’s 1 & 2 as new locations. These have been advertised since June and the main game was finished in late October (when it went gold) I know they have bug fixes and monthly content but surely they’ve been working on these expansion’s since the game was announced? Also the expansion pass alone is currently priced at £32.99 in the UK. I think I speak for many people when I say anything less than a new location to match the previous locations will be disappointing.


Yeah, you make good points. I guess I never considered the price
So yeah, probably will be a good location to match the others.


I just want it to be as good as each of the other locations, for me the replayability in a Hitman game is one of its best assets. I could play the current locations including the legacy over and over and over again without getting bored, therefore I hope they keep the same standards on the expansion’s. I’m not doubting them in the slightest I’ve just got high expectations lol :joy: