HITMAN 2 EXPANSION 1 & 2 What do you like to see?


You can see the resemblance


reminds me of Hakan Abrak


Yup, In Birth of Agent 47 (or whatever it’s called), you see that 6 is bald and identical. There’s even a scene where him and 47 wear the signature suit.

Also it made it a pain in the ass to read, since I couldn’t figure out which was which.


Not all airports are the same, believe it or not. If you’re talking about an airport like Heathrow in London, then yes - too big. On top of that, the biggest thing on an airport is tarmac and the second biggest is parking space. Which are two things that I can imagine would be sectioned off.

There are also plenty examples of regional and international airports that are the size of the Miami map.
A sniper assassin map on an airport would just be IOI giving the finger to the fans, that’s not what most people want.

As an example, this is a fairly decent size and the only alteration I would make would be to move the control tower closer to the main building. I think overall this kind of airport works the best.


Is birth of the hitman any good? I’m thinking of pre ordering the paperback edition


I don’t think so, as most of HMF didn’t like it

but I loved it tho :’(


Agree, the argument of “too big” or “too complicated” can easily be fixed by freedom of the game. Just have the control tower sit on top of the gates via a keycard staircase to provide a vantage point for snipers and a hacking terminal for airplane routes, and generally limit the map to e.g. 2 terminals accessible.

Miami or MUmbai could easily cover that in terms of amount of NPCs or map area.


I know they’re not, but I still don’t see it. And I certainly wouldn’t view a Sniper map of one as a middle finger from IO.


You should also shave his beard, man.


Haha its not my image and it doesn’t let you do that.

Even the constant is really resembling 47 if you do the swap


My wishes for expansions are:

Locations- Ski resort and high rise building (like 12 floors) that offered lots of verticality to scale the building

Bonus Missions - Whittleton creek by night with some evil corporate dinner party and Sgail repurposed as a prison.

I think we will get 1 location, 2 bonus levels, 1 sniper map and a few other bits in each expansion


i hope in Expansion 1 we will get a winter sports pack DLC. i’m just speculating, but i’d like a snowball, piton, quickdraw, and winter sports suit. maybe even an arctic toolbox if u wanna go all out


Yea I agree, that would be pretty cool. I doubt io will do anything like that tho and we will probably just get the absolution requiem revengence suit with gloves


Personally I’m hoping that we’re getting a mission in the desert. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ngl that would probably have as much replay value as “end of the road” from absolution


I’m still waiting for a map that lets you walk around a chunk of a modern Western city, not just a fenced off property in a city (like Paris’ Palace, or Miami’s race track). I want to be able to walk through a couple city blocks, it’s all fine if you can’t go inside most buildings. Or even if it’s only one block of city and the map is really based around a skyscaper… just something like that!

I doubt that will be in the expansion though, so just a nice big detailed replayable location; a lot which have been mentioned here over and over again: Airport (Unlikely cos it would be really huge, they wouldn’t put that in a mere DLC), Big prison (possible), maybe even that ski lodge/town people keep mentioning (But that might be too small, I doubt there’d be a giant variety of kill types when you compare it to the main missions so far), Skyscaper (Maybe, but unlikely)

So a big map (Doesn’t have to be Miami/Fortuna/Mumbai big, but presumably in line with S1 maps) that has contracts mode on it, and I strongly expect the re-skin missions that pop up will have contracts mode (I sure hope so), and hopefully the Sniper Assassin map is fun and somehow more replayable than Himmelstein


Yes, and I think that is why myself and others like Sapienza so much. There’s the fountain square with ice cream shop, lawyer’s office, butcher, apartments and some other shops. Or there’s the beach area with its’ shops and cathedral. Plus the backstreets and shops… you can move from a place to a different area.

Paris is a great level but no matter how big it is, it’s still just a fashion show and nothing else. Of the new levels I like Santa Fortuna the best because it has that diversity within the level that I like. Mumbai it also very good but I’m amazed at how little sniping they allow you to have from the skyscraper. The open side faces out and not toward the rest of the map. Too bad.


What I’d like to see its an actual release date. The game has been out for 3 months now and not even an indication like “coming summer, fall…”, etc.


I’d like…

  • A mission set in an Austrian ski village, like something out of a vintage snow globe
  • A wider wariety of firearms unlockable through (I’m assuming) the mission’s Mastery levels
  • An animations rework, to make ones like garrotting and subduing look smoother and/or more impactful
  • The Blackballer


There I think you mis-spelt a criminally under-represented nation.:upside_down_face: (Wait am I usuing that emoji right?)