HITMAN 2: Expansion Pack 1 + 2 Discussion

working on Hitman 3

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Ha, if that means this time we won’t have a two year wait then that’d be nice; but yeah, since it looks like we’ll be having a four or more month wait just for one expansion, doesn’t seem like the case :frowning:

Maybe IO does one, Sumo does the other?

Although then that means they should be released close to each other, cos why would one take 4 months and the other 8

that’s not really what it implies. game studios are always working on the next game. IO was working on Hitman 2 before 2016 released, and they were probably working on Hitman 3 before Hitman 2 released.

and i’m not sure how they’re working on the maps tbh. i’d expect SUMO to be working on at least something, but idk

hi dudes wazap why no info about dlc1 map? give me leaks or some shit right now please

They just announced a new sniper map is coming out on the 26th.


here man


Hey just a question, do we know if the expansions are connected to the story with Lucas Grey and his and 47’s war on Providence? Or are these just main missions disconnected from the storyline?

Since not everyone has the expansion pack, I guess bonus missions won’t be connected to storyline


They haven’t confirmed, but I’d assume they are not related to the story, as that would be a bit unfair to make getting the expansion pass mandatory to continuing the story.

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Hm. That’s a shame.

I get the whole “mandatory to learn more about the story” issue, but it’s still unclear as to how Diana found out about Lucas Grey’s presence at the Institute in Romania. I know there’s a few other details that could probably be expanded upon as well, but oh well.

Still excited to see what we’ll get. Beach resort is exciting.

You know what I just thought?
What if IOI will release Holiday Hoarders and Hokkaido Snow Festival on permanently basis like an expansion maps?

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If you mean that they would lock them behind an expansion pack then it would be a terrible idea

Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. I would be pissed off then. Hope they won’t do such a meanness.
But they can do it so not to bother themselves

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Imo they are like Elusive Targets. I’m fine with HH and Hokaido Snow Festival being a seasonal event mission but yeah it wouldn’t make sense to lock them behind a pay-to-get.

But HSF should be redone more better if this way

The only cool thing about HSF is that we got the Parkas outfit. I hope no more seasonal events comes to Legacy though.
I want to see Halloween party in Sgail & Winter in WC so we can knockout the grinch as Santa lol


Frankly the thing that would make the least sense about making them permanent is the fact they’re so low effort, particularly HSF which just adds a target who has no dialogue, a generic bodyguard, and some iceicles and snow piles (plus coloured lights); something that low-effort doesn’t deserve to be clogging up the destinations screen alongside real missions and even escalations.

At least The Undying had some amount of effort put into it etc.


They’d rather put these in a regular Hokkaido as well.
Which I was hoped will be done…

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Speaking of which, is patient zero connected to the main story??

That’s pretty much up for interpretation. Personally, I don’t consider PZ as canon in any way.