Hitman 2 Fan-Made Videos

Just a thread for all Hitman 2-related fan videos, be they music videos, trailers, Agent 47 or Diana tributes, or anything else that required some imagination and which doesn’t fit neatly into the category of a regular gameplay or speed-run video.

Here’s a little music vid I made the other day with my basic PS4 software. I know it’s not amazing, but I made it for my own amusement more than anything and only decided to post it later, when I realized it wasn’t a disaster. lol

I was inspired by the song’s chorus lyrics. As much as we all like 47, he is undoubtedly a cruel man.

I look forward to perhaps seeing others’ creations, and a happy new year to all.


What do you edit on bro?

The program is called ShareFactory, which is the standard editing software on PS4.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t left you rip and overlay audio from video files, so I couldn’t include Diana talking to 47 to give a sense of story, or anything like that, but I still enjoy tinkering with it. It’s easy to use.

P.S. “Rip and overlay audio” …

I almost sound like I know what I’m talking about, there, don’t I? Don’t be deceived. :blush:

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That was amazing man!!! Awesome editing! Gave a different vibe, like the opposite of current in H2 with the vocals and music being sort of somber and sad compared to the cheerful music played in every location. Awesome :smiley: :+1:

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Thanks, man! Really glad you enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I love that the music conveys the inherent sadness in 47’s work.

As a professional, he might be able to take pride in what he does, but not joy.

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This was something I made recently that I wanted to share but felt didn’t really have a good spot to post in the forum. Hopefully this is the right spot to show it. It’s a bit like David47’s in terms of the music being a driving part of the video, but a lot more goofy.


:smile: That’s hilarious. Great stuff! It’s like the exact thematic opposite of my vid. I love Queen.

And, yes, this is the perfect place to post anything like this.

I love the conclusion with 47 shooting the TV, too. Guess he doesn’t like being reminded of his dark deeds.

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Perfect choice for a song and some very good editing


More people (with decent editing equipment, so not me) should make videos about what 47 is watching on those in-game televisions. Seems like the start of an awesome meme.


I guess I’ll put my funny moments videos here, but these were back on PlayStation so they wouldn’t be merely as funny as they would be now, huehuehue

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