HITMAN 2 February 2019 Game Update 2.14

Hmmm… so they can change out the Driving Gloves in the future… seems they are different objects simulated with the model. :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen these crossed guns, the SA thing, on Xbox, anyone else using that platform get them?

Can someone tell me what this “909” thing is? I’ve seen it a couple of times but have no idea what is meant!

Is the new SA indicator on consoles only? I haven’t seen it on PC.

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Great minds think alike, I posted the same question immediately before you but from an Xbox point of view. Maybe it’s Playstation only?

Because if they did it the other way round, they’d be Bethesda.


It’s on all platforms but everyone doesn’t have it

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@SpirantCrayon22 the term “909” is also a reference to a Golgo 13 episode which was known in Japan as “The Impossible Shot”. Golgo 13 uses a low magnification unsilenced sniper rifle in this chapter against strong crosswinds to complete a sniper kill from “Room 909” at a cheap motel. The kill defies all explanation and real world physics so authorities automatically acquit him of the crime. :slight_smile:


This happens when you post what you don’t need…

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@Travis_IOI What is the deal with this SA tracker and why doesn’t everyone have it?


Probably already been mentioned in one of the 537 comments, but apart from the ghost mode stats, They now show you whether each box has a disguise, gun, or melee/tool in it before you go up to, so you don’t need to waste your time going right up to a box just to realise it’s a disguise and you already have a good disguise. They also have some sort of a yellow prompt which lets you know your opponent has taken something from whichever box and that box has 10 seconds left for you to grab something (Or something like that, i was too busy focusing on the match).

Small stuff but nice

Oh by the way @Travis_IOI, in the new Ghost Mode Rules page it says “loose” instead of “lose” :stuck_out_tongue:


Sniping seems quite broken.
I shoot someone from one side of Colorado, and run away out of sight… moments later I’m in Combat for no apparent reason.

Did a guard see one pixel of me from 200 meters away?

Not a fan of the new sniping system, it was better in the previous patch in my opinion.

I think this game needs to simplify things and follow two hard rules:

  1. Never compromise/combat 47 when the guard/NPC that triggers it is too far away visually.
  2. Never know 47’s exact position if the guard/NPC cannot actually see 47 in their line of sight.

The Guard.Get47sPosition() function needs to be removed…
Guards and NPC’s should only use line of sight and never know 47’s XYZ vector…

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First time i’ve seen someone use that sentence unironically. Hitman when played with a controller is just better in most ways bar sniping, sorry Keyboard people.

They should have just kept HITMAN 2 in the same state as 2016, just adding new maps and weapons. Not trying to reinvent the wheel, “fixing” things that aren’t broken or changing things just for the sake of change.


Lol no it isn’t, mouse + keyboard is far superior, you’re delusional if you think otherwise


Thank you
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Actually I wonder what they have been doing in they past 4 months??? No new maps, just two reskin missions and one of them is even from the previous game!! They released bunch of bugs & untested patches.

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Hitman was meant to be played on the keyboard since the beginning


…thanks for playing along.

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@immadummee47 and @CHAOS_AGENT_45 I’ve replicated the Bangkok Start Sniping Issue that Freeze did on YouTube.

There is definitely a bug where NPC’s that weren’t panicked suddenly start panicking and then “tag” a guard or two. At this point in time 47 is not found out unless he makes an appearance in front of these guards.

The issue appears to be two things:

  1. The wrong NPC’s are panicking. And this is not even after the (silenced) gunshot but well after. NPC’s appear to see 47 already well after he’s cleaned his tracks and then go amok with a “!” over their heads (which gives them the ability to heighten guard Enforcer states).

  2. Once an NPC enters the panicked (with “!”) state, they function a bit like witnesses and guards they talk to have Super-Enforcer ability for the duration of their Searching phase.

If 47 steps in front of these guards? Combat (see: Freeze’s video).

But if you are able to evade the “!” and the “!”-ed Guards, then re appearing in front of the once “!”-ed NPC’s reveals it’s like they have no memory at all that they were “supposed to suspect you” - something definitely not working there.

So why has this happened? I can only guess that this may have something to do with the delay they introduced to detection. It’s like instead of firing the shot and leaving your “guilt” there at that spot in that millisecond, the “process delay” instead also prolongs the time you can emanate suspicion or something and that means until the delay expires NPC’s can react to you with “!”.

This is of course not good but I want to be fair. This only happened twice in six tries with the other four resulting in me walking away with total abandon.

Definitely still some bugs to iron out.

I’ll have video that actually demonstrates how off the NPC reactions can be.

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they actually didn’t change the color back to the original. they just changed the menu image so it looks better

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