HITMAN 2 February 2019 Game Update 2.14


just so you know, the angle and distance you are when shooting someone affects how much blood comes out. when you are further away there’s usually more blood splatter than when you are up close to them. and if you shoot them from the side, there’s always more blood than if you shoot them head-on



I’ll try this new patch next week, let’s see the shotgun…



I’ve got the same problem. Sometimes I only “see” conversations going on because of the subtitles while not hearing anyone talk. Or hear a completely different (random NPC) conversation and the subtitle shows there’s a mission hint conversation going on somewhere.

Other conversations I can hear but they are 10% of the ambient noise volume, very hard to follow.

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Did the sniping get « fixed » there as well? :wink:



I’m pretty sure the briefcase was “fixed” a long time ago



OK… @immadummee47, @CHAOS_AGENT_45, @Travis_IOI, @Clemens_IOI … and to the rest of the community, I present my findings of the buggy Sniper Kill Panic Issue:

First Finding: 20 Second Flag
As I demonstrate here, the seemingly random NPC panic is actually caused by a 20 second flag that seems to go up then immediately go down 20 seconds after a Target is eliminated with a Sniper Rifle.

In this video I eliminate Ken Morgan at 28 seconds. Standing in front of the hotel attendant at exactly the 48th second makes her go bananas.

Also note that every Civilian NPC with Line of Sight of 47 gets struck by Panic at this time. This means this is a state 47 is casting on others.

Guards are not subject to this effect, but once a Panicked Civilian NPC reaches any guard, this Guard becomes a Combat Enforcer and when he goes into Combat, Guards across a wide area are sent into Combat and summoned to 47’s position.

Second: This 20 second flag is instantaneous
You can be seen before or after the 20th second and that will be enough to foil this flag. The important thing is to not be seen by any Civilian NPC exactly at the 20th second after a Sniper Kill Elimination.

However, I did encounter one case where there appeared to be another alert scenario that can occur past the 20th second. Unlike the 20 Second Flag I don’t believe this is Timer bound. It is also not the same alert because it is not an Insta-Combat flag, instead it is a Slow Suspicion flag.

I believe this is more a state an NPC (in this case the Hotel Staff) may have been carrying for whatever reason.

Anyone familiar with that Hotel Staff working the planter box know the significance of this NPC? For example, is there a chance that this guy saw Ken Morgan get killed? What is this guy’s routine?

Note also that for some reason in this case, Searching lasts unusually long, possibly the result of a different bug/glitch.

What I am pretty sure of is that once the Searching phase has ended following a Sniper Kill, all states are off and 47 is safe.


What's the point of the seiger 3000?

Great job. I hope this gives IO a better understanding of the bug and the source of the bug so it’ll be easier for them to locate and fix it.

I actually didn’t mind that armed npcs run to where the shot came from, if they noticed the shot, but that could be very troubling in some places, but armed npcs shooting from the other side of the map is bad

I also hope they can test it out next time before rolling out the update so we won’t have this back and forth going on :grin:

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Hmm… looking at the footage again, it is notable that when I got the alert outside the hotel, there was a “Gunshot Heard” flag that was not in some of the other videos save for the one where I exited from a different location and wasn’t caught out by the Hotel Staff tending the Planter Box (Searching expired as I was leaving the restaurant so all States expired).

So in the version where I evaded it:
Gunshot Heard flag @ 40 seconds
Searching Expired before leaving hotel
No Additional Alerts Outside/All States Expired

In the one where it did happen:
Gunshot Heard flag @ 51 seconds
Searching did not expire and persisted longer than normal - in fact it looks like another bug where Searching seems to last for eternity.
Possible Hotel Staff Witness to Ken Morgan Dying (?) goes berserk upon seeing 47

Actually it is possible Gunshot Heard is not of any value, rather it is that issue where Searching State does not expire on time (or at all) which leaves the possibility of a witness (to the Victim?) being able to pin the crime “as if you did it right there where you stand now”.

Unfortunately, I think that suspended Searching state is not so easy to replicate and looks like an actual glitch that happens to stack with the new delay mechanics.

Now… if the above is accurate the correct workaround would be:

  1. Wait out the 20 second Panic Flag
  2. Hang around nearby or in an area opposite the killzone of the Target to wait out the Searching phase.

Just my thoughts on it.



God, seeing the examples @Soupienza gave, it seems sniping is completely broken.

Sniping has been so broken since 2016 and most of the issues have still yet to be fixed, plus there’s even more issues in Hitman 2.

This is why 2016 is more polished: sniping is broken as fuck in that game but it’s still more stable than Hitman 2 sniping. Says a lot doesn’t it?



Well I look at it differently. I think if the Flags can get sorted people will prefer this new system. It looks like they wanted to find a way to simulate the confusion and cluelessness from real life ballistic and sniper kills.

The mistake possibly is they moved around some values that may have had connections to other states.

But I can see the intent. Once this is refined it will be the best system there is. :slight_smile:



Still, after 3 years they haven’t made any solution to problems such as sniping in Colorado at the water tower; that’s still broken as shit in both games.

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In the earliest days of H2 Sniping was a wee bit too easy… it didn’t last though. :smile:



Awww really?! I thought it was a silly thing IO enjoyed players fooling around with, and even in the first patch notes of December they said something like “We enjoy the flying briefcase the community has latched on to. We have decided that it doesn’t target enough NPCs at once, this issue has now been fixed” or something like that.
They were in on the joke! (Or at least the person who writes the patch notes)

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Attention. Bad English! I apologize in advance

Correct me if I’m wrong. I noticed one thing. After 20 seconds, the NPC always runs to the place where 47 is located. If it moves around the map and encounters guards on the way, the guards cancel their route to the place of the shot and start searching in the location where they saw 47.

This is noticeable not only in these videos. In this topic there were tests from the isle of sgail. There is exactly the same problem. If 47 was hiding in the bathroom, then the guards resorted to the bathroom. The same with the tower

It turns out that the NPCs know where to run (to where the hero was in the 20 second flag). And as soon as they see the character, the script cancels the task to run to the place of the shot.

Please confirm my observations. If so, this is a very strange and poor implementation of this system.

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Technically it’s like all guards are linked and even if you escape the sniping spot and get seen by a guard in search mode, they start seeking you wherever you are and no matter if they’ve seen you or not, even if at miles of the sniping spot, hidden in a toilet room.

Poor system indeed :confused:



Yeah now it makes sense why all the random ass spotted issues. Terrible system indeed.



What I don’t get is how anyone can think it’s ok to stay in one spot and just snipe 4 targets out in the open. What kind of “challenge” is that? Yay, such fun.

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Yesterday i sniped francesca from the roof near the telescope, after i lured her to the little room, the guard didn’t see it and he probably went in 30 seconds later, he got the exclamation mark on his head like when they see you snipe someone, not when they just find a dead body and then ran to my current position



That’s not the point: it’s an obvious vantage point meant to be used for sniping, and that’s on the developers’ part. It’s also their fault that it’s completely useless, as shooting just one target from the water tower immediately compromises you and sends more than 10 guards to the water tower.

I would be fine with this, but Colorado doesn’t have many vantages for sniping and the ones they do also suffer from the same problem.

You know what this leads to? Close range sniping. What’s a sniper supposed to be used for again?



Do you guys think the 2016 was more polished because it’s episodic release? Since Hitman 2 released all in once they have to fix the bugs longer, but in 2016 they can fix the bugs step by step.