Hitman 2 - February 2019 Roadmap Thread


Just announced…

February 8 – The Fugitive Legacy Elusive Target
On February 8th we’ll introduce the very first Legacy Elusive Target. Some of you might know it, others may not. The Fugitive will be available in Hokkaido for 10 days starting February 8th. More intel on this target to follow.

February 14 – Sharman Shenanigans Challenge Pack
It’s time to find your inner Shaman, and complete this set of new challenges in Santa Fortuna, Colombia by wearing the Shaman disguise. By completing these new challenges, you’ll unlock the Shaman Powder! Shaman Powder is a mysterious powder that when thrown, explodes in a dust of powder, knocking out anyone nearby.

February 21 – Featured Contracts
All Featured Contracts are created by members of the community and then added to the game for all players to enjoy. For HITMAN 2, we will pick our Featured Contracts based on themes. Since February holds the ever-so-cherished Valentines Day, we are setting up a Hitman-inspired theme of love, labelled “BROKEN HEARTS“. However the theme is interpreted, is up to the creator.

If you want to submit your take on this month’s theme – click here – to see how you can submit your contract.

March 1 – The Politician Elusive Target
A new Elusive Target will arrive for the first time in Hawke’s Bay for 10 days. More intel regarding The Politician will arrive closer to the initial date.

February Game Update
Our February Update is shaping up nicely and we’re excited to share the full details on some of the community-requested quality of life changes, gameplay tweaks and bug fixes that it will bring.

Before then, we also want to give all players an advanced heads-up that when the update arrives in late February, we will be removing 3 challenges from the Isle of Sgail location; All The King’s Men, Making Waves and No Budget For A Railing . After a sweep of the challenges in the game, we think that these particular challenges encourage the killing of multiple non-targets and they’re not fun to complete. We’ve also factored community feedback into the decision and wanted to tell you ahead of time.

We won’t be removing and XP or progression if you’ve already completed these challenges but they will be removed from the game with Update 2.14, so you’ll have no in-game proof of your exploits. If you haven’t completed them yet, you’ve got until the last week in February to do so before they’re gone.


February 2019 Roadmap (Not out yet, purely hype discussion)

Legacy ETs!! hallelujah





Hokkaido elusive target!!! :crazy_face:


I’m really excited at the prospect of getting to replay the classic S1 ETs with our new loot, and also at the wetsuit possibly being an unlock

but also, IO avoid Colombia and Whittleton ETs once again, surprising us with a HAWKE’S BAY ET??? those maps are definitely broken somehow


March 1 – The Politician Elusive Target
A new Elusive Target will arrive for the first time in Hawke’s Bay for 10 days. More intel regarding The Politician will arrive closer to the initial date.

so an ET in Hawkes Bay, but we won’t have any reward presumably


there’s no way they’d do a Hawke’s Bay ET without the suit

…i hope


I’m really excited for that Shaman Power unlock.


It’d be kind of neat if they set The Fugitive during the Hokkaido Winter Festival so that we could use the icicles. And to differentiate him slightly from the 2016 version.

I’m into an ET in Hawke’s Bay. I can’t imagine how that would work unless they drastically change the level, and that’s exciting.


No word on Hokaido suit unlock or Hawkes Bay wetsuit unlock…hope they’ll add it to the rewards when the ETs come


Legacy ETs :smiley: nice to see. I can finally get the yukata!


An ET in the level with only one disguise? All righty. I’m happy to see ETs from S1 once again and killing them with the new toys!


We’ve been heard!
White yukata on the way!
My favourite robe for Hokkaido

It will be yukata, no worries


Great news, but sadly no news on season pass content.


Let’s hope there’s more than one exit for the Hawke’s Bay ET.

Gotta love how 25% of the content for Feb is actually in March.


So by march 1st we could have 5 SA Elusive Targets? Or will Legacy ones not count?


Yeah! Legacy ET! The powder unlock will also be quite useful.
It will be interesting to see what they will do with the Hawkes Bay ET, the map is small and rather easy, I hope they do some radical changes to it.

What I really want to know though is some more details on the in the expansions


The silent dust will be great, all though the concussive rubberduck is already pretty silent when in a room, this will make for alot of good opportunities out in the open.


Why not make a new et in the legacy maps instead recycling the old shit for a third time (or a second time for everyone else who didn’t make alt accounts in the last game)?

And hawke’s bay et? Could this potentially open up contracts mode on that map? Despite being small and quite linear, could still be useful for some fun contracts.


because that takes work