Hitman 2 - February 2019 Roadmap Thread


im wondering what it will be


It better be good. Thanks for the “intel” @Ibbe040


Almost anything would be an improvement haha. Looking forward to it.


I’m betting the ability to skip between gear categories at the least.

I don’t think it’ll be a UI overhaul, but something that helps you scroll long distances of the blocky list at once would be great right now.


I think all the challenges should be kept on the screens to see how much you’ve done, but the requirements for the Sgail challenges should be made easier. Who’s with me?


Atleast it’s something. The current inventory menu is pure aids. I spend half an hour scrolling through the damn menu to only pick the rubber ducky, redicilous! I hope they make a more easy to navigate menu, same goes with the suits. Make a tab for classic suits, starting suits and silly suits. Everything mixed up is so annoying…


Challenge pack is available now. :grin:


Jesus dude :joy: I don’t know if it’s pure aids… :joy:


Anything they add in will be an improvement on the current system lol


Managed to do all of the challenges in one run. Here’s some tips:

  1. There’s a lethal poison pill jar in the doctor’s office near to the bus stop. Crouch when approaching frogs and use them for poison kills. I collected four on my run. There’s some lethal flowers around the coca fields area. You can poison P-Power’s drink, the food stand outside, and Andrea’s water bottle. There’s also two guards that you can poison in one of the rooms where you could poison the ET (upstairs, near to the bus stop); one drinks and the other one snorts cocaine.

  2. You need to lure a guard into the area with the large stone grave (where the remote explosive is). Garotting them anywhere else doesn’t work.

  3. There’s two workers sitting on the edge of a pit in the construction site. You can push and run twice for two easy push kills.

  4. Spaghetti can be found behind the counter in one of the shops.

Also, the unlock is the same as the pre-release (leak) video that’s been posted before.

The Shaman Shenanigans - Feb 2019 Challenge Pack


Thank you for the tips; when I finally get time to boot up the PS4 in what will probably be the wee hours of the morning… :unamused:, I’ll be making use of them :+1:


I can’t get enough of this picture, even tempted to make it the wallpaper on my phone!


Any idea when the update or patch notes will be released?


Last week of February.


Wait, whaaaat? Alright. Thanks :frowning:


Yes looks like them never remove the sticker.


I think they will, the entire community has bitched quite a bit about them.


I want the stickers removed but I want them to keep the Silverballer Mk. II black; I kinda dig it.


The Silverballers appearing black in the inventory screen is just a graphical glitch, they’re actually shiny.

If you’re wanting a black Silverballer, the Blackballer is probably something you should look into #BringBackTheBlackballer