Hitman 2 - February 2019 Roadmap Thread



No one completed Priceless before it was removed from Whittleton Creek.



Sneaky hobbitses. I didn’t know about that challenge.


Well, it’s not that terrible. You just need to throw “some” coins at the mirror and into the fountain. ez pz.


Tuppence a Wish is just using coins and reloading saves. Think I got it first or second time in H2. Slam Dunk is a nightmare, and so is Lighten Up (not in H2 yet).


I maybe in the minority that did this challenge first time? Why has it become so difficult for most people?


Not one fucking mention about the CRASH TO DESKTOP ISSUE!!! It’s been 3 months now and this shit has TO STOP!!!

This has plagued a TON of people and this really needs to be fixed ASAP - SCREW THE ELUSIVE TARGETS… FIX THE GAME FIRST!!!


Patch notes come later, as mentioned in the blogpost from IOI.

Note that the ETs are pretty much already designed and scripted. Even if they weren’t the people who work on them are likely not the ones who work on the engine.


Those are contracts that you can complete each in 10 minutes each. Baseball one isn’t that enjoyable but I liked crazy 8 and the motorcycle challenge.

I do agree that there are some unnecessary feat contracts like “playing with fire”, “cut throat” & “the groom” because there are already feats like that, but other than those feats, the rest are enjoyable, you have Crazy 8 with killing 8 different masked guards with katana while dressed as mototcyclist & Young Hiro where you have to kill 5 targets with shuriken done while not spotted

They can’t be compared to IOS challenges still :face_with_head_bandage:


I’m not a huge fan of the contract mode only feats. One day the servers will shut down and, when that happens, they’ll be unobtainable. Then again, in H1 you needed to be online for challenges to register. I’m not sure if this has changed or not.


Im sure that when that day the servers goes offline comes, all the challenges will be made and can be completed offline and there will be contracts offline for those so you can complete the feat contract challenges…or they would just remove those challenges :joy:


It’s sad them remove this challenges, I hope them don’t go into the stealth madness and in the next hitman you fail the if you kill civilians… I swear I’ll stop to buy hitman, don’t want an assassin simulator became splinter cell.



I am with Cake’s stupefied ellipsis on this one.


I’m fine with the 47 bodies hidden in the sea being removed. It’s just boring as hell, in addition to be very finicky as many dumping spots are a lottery in terms of the bodies actually reaching the water, and makes consoles prone to crash, too.
I think the Knight one was fine though. It really didn’t take that much time and the added health pool makes it very manageable.


I like the direction the new games are going (stealth) but I hope they keep some of the wacky challenges. I just saw the line

and had to wonder who they asked. The people I know who play Hitman are not die hard kill everybody fans, but I doubt many of them would support the removal of these challenges. If IO wants to remove some of them for PR reasons or what ever, I would not complain, I just don’t want to see them all gone.


there was a lot of people complaining about the challenges, especially Making Waves. on the Discord alone there was lots of complaining


I don’t follow the Discord, and to be honest, I have had trouble with Making Waves and haven’t beaten it yet because of the issues.


I agree “Making Waves” and “All the King’s Men” should never have been challenges. It’s not that they’re “out there” or even that they require killing, but rather (in my opinion) that they require a lot of killing, that either leads to massive drawn out shootouts (not what I play Hitman for) or extremely tedious work (not fun).

That being said I finally got these challenges yesterday, or the progress towards my Malus Necessarium. :wink:


Just use the glass bridge for ‘Making Waves.’ I stood on the other side (in front of the door that leads to the room the butler occupies usually), fired loud gunshots, and had the guards rush me. The bodies piled up and it was a matter of quickly dragging and dumping them right into the water, had no issue with it at all. Still very bizarre to me that they’re removing these challenges.


Making waves sure is extremely boring, but also the frogs, the pidgdeons and the gold coins! About all the king’s man i found it interesting btw the armor is bullet proof and pretty funny with the sword.