Hitman 2 - February 2019 Roadmap Thread


If a lot of people experience them as not fun and very tedious, the result of which is that almost no one has finished the challenges, then I think it seems more than reasonable.
I don’t think IO are in the business of creating challenges that almost no one has (or wants) to get.


That would be fine if they just didn’t add them in the first place.

Once the time has gone into creating them, it makes very little sense to remove them. Other than to please some cry babies that want 100% with less effort of course.


This. They made for some of my favorite challenges because they were actually unique in the sense that it offered up going loud and guns-a-blazing for a change.


So if an entire part of a level is being played by virtually no one, and when asked people say that it’s because it’s no fun, that shouldn’t be fixed?


You said they are not “in the business of creating challenges that almost no one has (or wants) to get.” I’m just pointing out that they did it already.

And I would hardly consider it an entire part of a level - it’s like 3 challenges out of 80 or so.


They’re also optional


Lots of people love the “kill everyone” runs. It’s not exactly a fringe way to play the game: people constantly post their kill everyone runs to YouTube or their results screens to reddit. I’m surprised there aren’t more challenges that cater to that playstyle, even if not everyone enjoys playing that way. The challenges section is where you reward players for doing weird, non-canon things. What some players find tedious, others take joy in, so why not throw in a ton of that stuff? Honestly, I think every mission should have a “kill everyone” challenge.

I can see that they might not officially want to because of the performance issues that many corpses can cause. And I guess they walk a fine line in making sure the game isn’t just a gruesome serial killer simulator. Those are potentially overwhelming reasons to get rid of them. But the challenges being tedious for some shouldn’t really come into it.


to be fair I don’t mind either way, but after the last update dumping 47 bodies is a NIGHTMARE since you have to hold the dump button every time. I’d rather they just fix that over removing the challenge entirely


Actually I’m playing hitman2 with @MontezumahCHP we are trying making the waves… About pointless, useless and really boring challenges we really would like to mention take the frogs, the 30 coins in sgail, and kill pidgeons. Please @IOI and @Travis_IOI take note.IMG_20190208_000555


and your posts continue to make no sense. never did they say the reason for the removal was because the challenges were “pointless, useless, and really boring”.


It’s easier getting spotted and shoot the npc from the edge on the top of the chapel with the striker gun.


Ah cause the nature of the game is taking frogs, 30 golden coins and kill 25 pidgeons instead of 25 guards dressed as a knight? C’mon.


Just making sure, you do know there are more opinions than just yours on this forum? IO-I should listen to a large number of people of a similar opinion when it comes to changing a feature, not one


…anyway, I made a video of myself testing out the chloroform flask, as all things are pointing to that being the item that the Shaman Dust will reskin:

If you haven’t messed around with the item yet, check it out!


So I figured I’d do those challenges real quick before they disappeared. Took out all the people in and around the kitchen/security room and tossed over at the exit point for about 25 people. Cleared the harbor for thirty. Then an explosive in the bar sends everyone down to the harbor to crowd next to the water. 2 ducks later 47 people in the sea.

I’m sure if u clear the harbor detonate an explosive in the bar then u could easily explode 47 people into the sea with 2/3 explosives



The video won’t load for me, but going by the thumbnail… the new item is already in the game? Did the uploader fuck with the game files or something?

Also, as I can’t watch the video, is it indeed the same as chloroform?


it’s basically a concussion grenade reskin, unfortunately. they might change it when it “officially” releases, but we’ll see


Please also remove the challenge where you’ve to shave 15 heads. it’s just stupid.


But you get coins so that you can buy wares from Khajiit. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: