Hitman 2 - February 2019 Roadmap Thread


Some say Mai’q is a liar and some say a liar is Mai’q. Both are true and both are false.


Yes, remove all of the challenges so that it’s extremely time consuming to reach level 500+, then release awesome unlocks for level 500+. :smiling_imp:



Oh nice, didn’t know it could be placed and shot at.

Yeah someone on reddit leaked it last week. It was placed in the game files with the Winter Sports Pack

I just hope the shaman powder is more silent and not like the concussive which only knocks out 1 or 2 out of 3 and they even spot eachother haha. Why cant the shaman powder be like the chloroform, all silent.
Mainly Im gonna use it in outside open areas like cocoa field, I swear if someone 10 meters away hears it :expressionless:


Does it lock on? That’s what I want: no lock ons.


It locks on and Kills fake npcs




It could be changed though, maybe that example isn’t the final build of the item


Has nobody noticed that he’s using a Lucas Grey skin? Have we ever seen Lucas Grey as an NPC?


That’s datamined stuff you can also play as knight and stone
I assume he will be an unlockable to use like “suit”


Knight and Stone makes sense because we’ve seen their NPC model, but I don’t recall ever seeing a model of Lucas.


Yeah that’s true. Could be from Sgail when you spawn in with boat or exit with boat


Was thinking about that too, but never seen him there, only a CGI version.

Edit: It’s not CGI, he does have an NPC model, but he’s wearing a raincoat.


@Agent.Smith @theinternet11

i was stupid for not mentioning this sooner, but there’s actually a placeholder in the game for a Mumbai escalation. codenamed “Monkshood”. there’s no other details than that, but just to let u guys know


Can you define “placeholder”?


as in a placeholder image. it just says “Mumbai Escalation Monkshood” on a black background

btw they did the same thing with 2016, where escalations would have these types of codenames


Hmm… Monk’s hood is form of acontium. I know IO give them all a theme name but still a sort of poison based escalation would be awesome!


Well then bring it on IOI!


It’s actually fairly easy to complete the challenge, even on Master difficulty, as long as you can remain unspotted for the majority of the time it takes. I found that the best location is the cliffside near the effigy (to the left of the crowd); it’s somewhat secluded but you can have mutiple guards and/or guests come into the area by letting bodies be discovered. There’s a patch of grass towards the downhill path where you can conceal yourself and just pop people as they enter your line of sight. Rinse and repeat until you’ve killed enough people and then dump them straight off the cliff. They’ll always land in the water. The only downside is that it’s pretty time-consuming; could easily take more than half an hour to do.


Changes in physics system I think made the coins bounces hard to work with.


can anyone who got the 1GB update today check to see what was changed? apart from removal of Snow Festival. check the ET challenges