Hitman 2 - February 2019 Roadmap Thread



Thanks captain obvious.


Why not? Should have count

HITMAN 2 is a new separate game. There are might be people first time ever to face up this missions


What happen to everyone in tears over the definition of the word “elusive”

and here we are doing the same elusive targets for two and three times over but only when they want to drip feed it back out like filler reruns on t.v.

Just make the elusive targets permanent no save content.

this is good stuff that is not fully enjoyed because of the artificial expiration date, the repeat just makes it worse.


It makes more sense to do Legacy Elusive Targets rather than new ones. It adds elusive targets for people who own the Legacy Pack. It would be anti-consumer if they made a new target for the Legacy Maps and said screw the new maps. It would piss people off. That and people predicted that this would happen. I don’t see the reasoning in complaining if they double the opportunities and progression for ET rewards.


Well, nobody forces you. You may just miss it over


guys i haven’t even got to Hawkes Bay yet!! im literaly shaking rn why is IO rushing me ;_;


Only some people will own Hokkaido, that’ll be why. No reason to make new targets that can only be played by a fraction of players . Honestly it’s fine this way, the new mechanic and gadgets allow for new approaches to old targets.


So in hitman 3 they have to recycle the same targets again? Sheesh. Let it go. Make new ones. They don’t NEED to play them.

And considering we just got Hokkaido Snow Festival, the fugitive almost has a very similar route to his when outside. It’s going to be like playing it again. Lol


Hokkaido legacy is free until 12th so everyone will be able to play the ET


Yeah, we gonna roll all them again. Be prepared :slight_smile:


Was expecting more information on everything tbh, no details on either rewards for Hawkes bay and Hokkaido elusive target? will we be getting these again? (I certainly hope so) and I certainly hope we get the wet suit for Hawkes Bay!


Answering rhetorical questions. :man_facepalming:


I’d assume that they initially intended on not doing Hawkes Bay, but then I’m guessing some people demanded the wetsuit so a little change doesn’t bother me. I hope we get a wetsuit.


I’m happy IOI give us the possibility to play again old ETs. I only need to completing Hokkaido in this months. It’s the only map where I still have to complete all challenges


Wetsuit, with hat :slight_smile:


Wet hat! This is essential.
Or rubber hat as for swimmers

Get to the work straight ahead, agent


Legacy and Hawke’s Bay ET so close together? Damn, I thought we’d just had Christmas!


February is all kinds of boring.


Yeeeees! Legacy ET!
Looking forward to some day have the Summer suit with gloves again! My baby. My heart. My soul.


Same, that’s my favorite suit from the whole game.