Hitman 2 - February 2019 Roadmap Thread


Hawke’s Bay, eh? That will be interesting.

I’m impressed by this roadmap.

Legacy ETs - hard for me to not say “I told you so” here :grin:


The only way that I can see The Politician working is if they change Hawke’s Bay’s mechanics, which imo can only be a good thing


Nice they’re putting legacy elusive targets now, we can get the other suits faster this way, didn’t expect a ET in hawke’s bay, the target will need to have at least 2 bodyguards to make it challenging


Wonder why they started Legacy ETs with a repeat, rather than a new mission which is already in the game - just locked and hidden away. :confused:


I don’t get what you mean.


Weird not to see any escalations here.


The Politician being set into Hawke’s Bay gives even more sense to the idea that ETs should be replayable.

Just imagine, replayable Hawke’s Bay without story scripts and tidbits, without shackles and artificial restrictions, ready to be conquered!


This is why the map needs to come to contracts mode, just redesign it so that the mission starts in the post-laptop state and think up some new/more starting locations.


Maybe they’ll add a scripted kill where the target gets brutally ripped to shreds by Max!

I doubt it, but one can hope :smile:


Love to read all these moanings :smiley: No matter how much you’ll get for free you still be crying like a babys. It’s sad.


There’s new ETs in the old locations already loaded into the game. Would’ve thought launching with a brand new one rather than reusing an old one would be a better way to start Legacy ETs.


Proof ? (2020202022)


Dunno where you heard that but I suspect you are mistaken.


Data has been found in the game - it was added in with the first post-launch patch. The same one that added The Undying into the game.


you don’t have to be so vague, give us pictures!




Legacy ET, Challenge Pack, ET in Hawke’s Bay… Awesome sauce :blush:


Really didn’t expect an et this early in month, let alone an older one! Really interested to see how they will do the politician. I’m guessing they might replace alma and orson with her or make her a visitor.


Anyone else think this thread might have something to do with their choice to start with The Fugitive as a legacy ET?

Really exciting news by the way!!!


that would actually be a pretty cool correlation