Hitman 2 - February 2019 Roadmap Thread


Oh, a Legacy ET? Interesting…

It’s a repeat, but luckily we’ll all be able to replay it again since it’s a part of the new game’s progression system. Hopefully they bring back Legacy Suits rewards. Also hoping that the Wetsuit is a reward for HB. It wasn’t in the original ET roadmap, but with this surprise reveal hopefully it’s added in. That’ll be the one H2 suit locked away in the tutorial mission – just like Hitman 1.


they will :^)


This roadmap seems fine, apart from the fact that we’re getting an ET in Hawkes Bay, the level with one disguise, one far away exit, and you can start right where the security room is to disable cams.

The fact that we’re getting an ET in Hawkes Bay before Mumbai and Vermont makes no sense.

When I saw that the name was “The Politician”, was really expecting it to be in Vermont tbh, kinda disappointed these 2 locations are being neglected.


I have a feeling things might be different with this mission.

It’s been a few months of complaints and criticisms, so they’ve probably reworked the map for the ET. Maybe there’s a car exit this time. Maybe the camera equipment isn’t easily accessible.


Maybe they’re going to have another bonus mission there too as DLC


What’s everyone’s thoughts on the Shaman powder unlock ? Bit Harry Potter esque?


Is it just like the stuff that’s in mumbai? Not sure if that’s KO powder though


Even though it’s a bit counterintuitive since it’s for a DLC not everyone owns, I kind of wonder if they’d make a few new ETs for the Legacy Maps. Sure, that costs more work, but it’d be nice to keep things a bit fresh for the old maps. This is the third time we’ll be getting to play the ETs, after all.

(It’s not that bad though. Many people only ever had one shot at the ETs whether due to completing them or failing them, so giving veterans of Season 1 the chance to do it again in the new game is a good bonus. I’m sure pleased that I’ll be able to replay and re-experience it.)

I am a bit irked that the Season 1 suits will be locked behind limited-time missions again though, especially since that means I’ll have to reunlock what I already did in Season 1 (though that’s no surprise given what we got with H2’s progression system). It’s just that the stakes are extremely high to not accidentally miss out or fail to receive certain suits.
There were only two ETs each in Hokkaido and Colorado, while there were 9 in total for Paris. The odds are stacked against the White Yukata.


Hey really insane theory but The Fugitive was the winner of our “Best ET forum game” and it also happens to be the first legacy ET. I mean we all know IO visit the forum.


I think it’s more the Fugitive just had more effort put into it than the others, and is more of a mission than a simple “run up, kill, run away”. There’s finding out who the target is (Either director’s office or not), then physically finding the target on the level, THEN the kill, then the escape. They want to start the Legacy ETs off with the higher quality.


Yeah but where is the fun in speculating that? I mean that answer you gave was the first actual rational answer I had, it is also the reason the forum picked it for best ET. If I am remembering the victor correctly


I’m excited! Can’t wait for brand new bugs and broken features via the next patch! :v:


Glad we’re getting an elusive in Hawke’s Bay.


I’m assuming it’s essentially a “silent” concussion grenade. I’d prefer “bolder” unlocks, but this seems a continuation along the same path, which isn’t really surprising.


Also a magical powder that can make anyone unconscious :heart_eyes:
Like we don’t have that already in a different shape. Next month it’s going to be a new explosive or some poison flask.


Alright, an elusive target in Hawkes? That’s very unexpected, but I’m really excited to see how they will have her in the level?

I have a feeling Alma will still be in the house though. I could be wrong but I have a strong feeling “The Politician” will be affiliated with her somehow.

But what’s the deal with a S1 elusive target appearing yet AGAIN?!? I know this is S2 but come on… if it was a different/new ET in the Legacy Pack fine. But this?

As much as I hate to say it, I think it’s safe to say that IO will more than likely, go back on their word and vision and eventually just make all ET’s (S1&S2) playable again forever.

Such a shame… so much for “Elusive Targets”

Please don’t get me wrong, it’s great people can play them and all (and yes, I know by them returning it don’t effect me, personally, but that’s not the point.) but the whole point of them and what made them so unique is that you were only supposed to be able to play them once.

It was a really great concept and something I very much enjoyed. It’s just upsetting to me to see that they are going back on their “vision”
But whatever…

The only thing I’m mainly concerned about is (since I already eliminated The Fugitive in S1) will I have to suffer the consequences of a “Missed” plastered across my perfect ET record if I choose not to play it again??

Because if that’s the case I’m really gonna be pissed… because NOW I’m being robbed out of my ELUSIVE experience. Again, it’s all fine and dandy if people that didn’t get to play them the first time play them now. But now since this one is coming back and if it says MISSED because I choose to play them how they were intended. NOW (if this is the case) it IS effecting me, personally.

not only are they bringing them back (going back on their word) but now I might HAVE to play it a second time, even though I don’t want to…


I think only being able to play one particular target once every 1-2 years is still pretty elusive. The only way you’ve recently played it is if you missed it the first time around in 2016, the first re-activation, but got the last re-activation before H2’s release, in which case it’s been 4 months since you’ve played this target. And then there’s the people who’ve never played it before; and also how would we get to unlock the S1 ET suits if not by getting to play the ETs? Should the suits just be wasted?

I’m very surprised you’re upset at being given a chance to play a time-limited content again, this time in the new mechanics. You’ll have to decide what you prefer, not playing it, or not having “Missed” on the extremely rare time you go and visit the ETs screen in your menu


Does this mean that the Elusive Target in Hokkaido will be available for the new PS Plus owners who got HITMAN2016 for free this month, or is it only available to Legacy Pack owners (who got Season 1 through HITMAN2)? Doesn’t apply to me, but just curious.


So, The Fugitive is one we already played, not a “canceled” one that was found in the game files? I really don’t remember.


The Elusive target will only be available to the Legacy Pack maps (since this is a HITMAN 2 content release) but the Winter Festival Pack will still be active until the 12th, so people can access it that way, and for the rest of the month, all PSPlus Season 1 owners will be able to get the Legacy Pack for H2, so they’ll be able to play it during that time too.