Hitman 2 - February 2019 Roadmap Thread


The Fugitive is a used one it was the 25th I think.


The Fugitive is the one where there’s three bandaged guys and you have to figure out which one is the target each time you restart it.


Interesting… an elusive target on a map many found disappointing. Because of the suit unlock guide released months ago, I never expected to see this map with an ET. What I wonder now is how many new assets they’ll add to this map to make it different from the original one, and how complex will it be compared to the original.

Also, I want that wetsuit.


They should make it so killing the wrong patient fails the mission. Some could abuse the mr freeze way :joy:


The map isn’t what’s disappointing, how underutilised it is, is.


Jesus. Then don’t.
People crying over free stuff is really making the internet look bad. Ugh …

It’s still an elusive target. Just for S2. People who didn’t buy Hitman 2016 but got Hitman 2 + Legacy are damn lucky people.

So, don’t worry, play it if you want to. Don’t play it if you don’t want to. It’s not anything that’ll change your life to the better or worse whether you play it or not. :wink:


I don’t think you can call it neglect, not while there have been less ET’s than there are locations. That’s just… Maths, dude. :joy:

I agree. I think the second chance we got at them in S1 was to appease those who came to the game late and didn’t want to miss out. Okay, I see that reasoning, I can let it slide.

They haven’t pissed over the concept yet… Haha. I’m cool with them re-releasing a selection of them for H2, but preferably not all of them. That would, I concede, ruin the concept.


Honestly, I’m kinda hoping we’ll get some more serious, 47-suited unlocks in the future (more professional-looking silenced pistols, a wider variety of sniper rifles, etc.) There are sooo many gimmick weapons and “themed” items that it feels like 47 just pops down to party store before his missions, haha


I think its just a flashbang or concussion grenade reskin


According to description, it’s kinda concussion golf ball/baseball (works on impact)


99% sure that it’s a chloroform reskin


Would be nice. Would be even nicer if it wouldn’t lock on heads.


What’s the stuff in Mumbai I don’t think I’ve come across it?

@bjojo ahh I see something else that probably wont get used :roll_eyes:


Hokkaido elusive target for the win!! :heart_eyes: This map grew on me :joy:


If the powder can be placed and then ignited by someone smoking a cigarette, we literally do not have a item like this.


I don’t think it’ll work like that.
I assume the powder will only be throwable as it says that in the info.

There is an oil leak item in the game files. Oil leak would be really op though lol. Ofc it would be illegal to spill the oil, the big one isn’t illegal to throw though so that would be easy

looks like it’s not actually very silent, it can lock on to heads and thrown normally. It leaves a purple cloud. Classed as explosive device. It was added with the WSP update https://streamable.com/5pyvt
Found from reddit


I want my Muramasa back :l


You mean Masamune katana?


Same difference both a Katana, but yes ;0


You saying you hocked a Hattori Hanzo sword?!