Hitman 2 - February 2019 Roadmap Thread


I am very happy that the S1 ETs seem to get recycled now because I missed a lot of them in Season 1. For me, it is free exzra content. Thank you IOI. Don’t let the naggers get you.


i can kill Gary again o-0


Looks better than i’d imagined it too nice find!, slightly confusing whether its lethal or not? it falls into the explosive category so you’d think it was however in the description is says ‘knocking down’


Its non-lethal for normal npcs, it kills fake npcs.


It’s smoke/powder stuff, in the maelstroms room in the gang hideout, you can throw it at npc’s, but it only KO’s the person you throw it at, i’m assuming the shaman’s thing will be like that


Ahh you mean the purple smoke brick? that you put in the kiln to get Shah and Rangan to meet, yeah it works a bit like a brick doesn’t it.


it will be like the chloroform in Hawkes Bay, not the smoke brick


Purple brick isn’t the same as the shaman powder.


I imagine that we would unlock the wetsuit for use in any mission thereafter.


Uh… because Legacy Elusive Targets are supposed to be repeats. “Legacy” refers to ‘Hitman 2016’, in which all of the Elusive Targets have made an appearance. It wouldn’t make any sense to put a new target in a new map if it’s a Legacy Elusive Target.


Strange they haven’t mentioned anything about S1 ET rewards, leaning towards the fact they wont be coming? and they’ll just count to the current rewards?


They will propably show the rewards to us on friday.


The rewards will be the same as they were in Season One. Default suit with gloves (or hat), according to the level.


Surely they must…



they’re clearly reactivating these legacy ETs so we can get the suits. the suits are all ingame anyway, they just need to let us unlock them


All Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 (2018) assets are on the same server. So every item from Hitman (2016) is already in game just they are drip feeding Legacy content since it is quite sparse to some degree. If we go back during Mid-2018 we can recall The Great Hitman 2 Leak because people found almost all the assets for Hitman 2 in Hitman 2016. The rewards will be the same so don’t worry. We will all get to wear our Tux with gloves in Isles.



There we go then! thanks for confirming, I eat my words!


Very happy about this, for my money, the summer suit with gloves from Marrakesh is one of the best looking in the series, so happy that we’ll have a chance to unlock it again.


Already thinking about taking Fugitive down as a ninja or a motorcyclist since my first time in S1 was a clean and easy push.