Hitman 2 - February 2019 Roadmap Thread



Throwable items can still be placed, so who knows really.


@Clover I will RDP in and complete the ET for you so it does not say “missed”


no challenge for Hawke’s Bay?


It’ll probably be added with the patch/update later in the month with HB ET


The more the merrier.


That’s not the point. I would have no trouble doing it again, I just didn’t want to have it say “missed” forever if I chose not to do it again

The point is, they were originally supposed to be indeed elusive (how IO first envisioned them to be) it’s just a shame (to me) that that is now apparently all going out the window.

It’s only a matter of time until they release them all for future (forever content.)

I’m not a fan of that to be honest, but what can you do. All I’m saying is I enjoyed them for what they were supposed to be. It was something new and it’s what made them so unique and memorable in my opinion.

I’m certainly glad others that didn’t get the chance to play them the first time, will be able to now. I’m just giving my input on how (I’m personally) not a fan of it. I just wish IO would have stuck to their guns on this one.

Rant over lol :hugs:


I’m half expecting them to release a special Valentine’s Day mission right after the Hokkaido Winter Festival leaves. Set in Sapienza, maybe?

Each of the last two months has featured a holiday surprise mission, so this’ll be the month to see if they stick to the pattern and have year-round holiday missions.

And they’ve learned after the horribly entitled response to the Xmas surprise not to announce surprises in advance.


Makes absolutely no sense. “Missed” is just a word.
Oh what the hell am I even doing …


Yes, it is just a word. But it means a lot having it say “missed” to a perfectionist such as myself.

Yes I know I should “just play it then” if I don’t wanna see it, fair enough. That’s not my argument. It’s the fact that I basically have to be forced to play the elusive now how they weren’t originally designed to be. That’s what gets to me.

In a way…I basically am being cheated out of my “Elusive experience” because if I don’t want a big “missed” on my screen (which I worked so hard to avoid up to this point and really enjoy seeing all my successful SA “Eliminations”) I pretty much have to play it again which goes against everything IO originally stated.


Yeah… so much for that :man_shrugging: That’s all I’m saying. Just my preference.

I’m just a person stating their own personal opinions, thoughts, and feelings on the matter, is all.


As always, “Elusive Targets” aren’t actually elusive. On one hand, it makes me wonder why they bothered to name them that in the first place, but on the other hand, I do wish they’d just quit with the inconsistency and start releasing an ET that you can play as many times as you want, but only the first try will get you the reward. After that, they’re permanently locked away.

And also - see? They CAN put an update notice on the road map! Thanks for that.

Should be a good month.


If that’s the case then why did we get the Hokkaido Snow Festival? Otherwise using your logic that means Hokkaido is no longer Legacy.

Also, there’s heaps of unreleased ET data for the the Legacy locations that have been added into the game via recent patches. So sorry, but you are just plain wrong here.


Like I said, I’ll remote in and play it for you :slight_smile:


The Hokkaido Snow Festival is a challenge pack DLC, NOT an Elusive Target. You’re completely inventing the idea that my logic means that Hokkaido isn’t a Legacy mission.

Let me try to explain it as simply as I can: if it was playable in Hitman 2016, it’s ‘Legacy’. If it wasn’t, it’s not. So, sorry but YOU are just plain wrong here.


What are you basing your stance on? I’m basing mine on facts.

Fact: This data is in the game.
Fact: This data was purposely added into the game via patches after the game was released - therefore it’s not data accidentally carried over from HITMAN.
Fact: They haven’t already released the ETs where Orlando and Renzo Caruso, Daniel Vestergaard, Riley Hunter Moorefield and others are the targets.
Fact: These contracts are set in Marrakesh, Sapienza and Bangkok.
Fact: You’re wrong because your arguing a personal opinion with no facts to back it up.


Skewed logic. You’re basing your stance on skewed logic.

You literally just reinforced my point. New data is NOT a part of ‘Legacy’. I’ll repeat it again: if it was playable in Hitman 2016, it’s ‘Legacy’. If it wasn’t, it’s not.

New targets in old locations. Again, you are reinforcing my point.

Seriously, whose side are you on? Mine or your own?


I am basing my stance on the fact that no actual physical evidence you have just said these things with no evidence. I mean look at this
FACT: Games have dummied out content that still exists in the games code. Things that, for various reasons, are scrapped late.
FACT: It doesn’t stop the fact that they might be concepts that were aborted late into production
FACT: Anyone can make up peoples names and say that is the new ET. Especially since those names sound too far-fetched or to simple for an ET
FACT: You have (again) shown us no proof of this why are the brothers in Marrakesh? Surely Sapienza suits the targets better? What are their alternate names? Their cocktail? Do they have bios preplanned? Routes though out?
FACT: You are not helping your side by not presenting physical evidence and trying to paint us as irrational idiots for not believing in this is another terrible thing to do.


Are you sure that Vermont and Mumbai aren’t being neglected? We have only gotten ETs, challenge packs, and escalations in Santa Fortuna, Miami, and Sgail, and the game has been out for about 3 months. You don’t think that’s weird?

Also we can’t ignore the fact that on the ET suit rewards picture, Hawke’s Bay isn’t even mentioned, yet we’re getting an ET in that location. Something is definitely up with Mumbai and Vermont.


In three months into HITMAN 2016 most of the stuff was in either Paris or Sapienza with challenge packs coming FAR later for either. Even after the other levels were released they felt the need to revisit Paris. For Pete’s sake Hokkaido had two ETs. If I remember correctly The Surgeons and The Fugitive.


Yeah, but that made sense because 2016 was episodic. It made sense that many of the content 3 months into 2016 was for Paris and Sapienza because they were the only levels in the game lol.

There’s no excuse for Hitman 2 because all of the levels have been out since its release.