Hitman 2 - February 2019 Roadmap Thread


But even after Bangkok, Morocco and Hokkaido were released they were still given the short end of the stick. Even the bonus mission only one of them was not in Sapienza. Eventually challenge packs were put in all the levels.

So far we have had ETs on Miami, Santa Fortuna, Sgail and we are getting one on Hawke’s Bay and we didn’t even think NZ would even get an ET. So far we have had what is it two challenge packs on in Miami and one in Santa Fortuna. It will still be like two or so years until the next one comes out. Just let IO do what they want with their game.


I gotta agree with @theinternet11, there’s no doubt it’s fishy. Especially with the absolute zero amount of additional content released for these compared to the numerous ones for some maps, (and now legacy).

Also curious that they’re releasing a Hawke’s Bay ET without including it in the ET rewards graphic.

Something is either up, or they are putting a lot of effort into additional content for those maps before releasing. The former is more likely


So you think that IO are going to neglect maps for the sake of popular ones despite the fact that we are discussing an ET that is taking place on the least well-received map of the game? Also the legacy ET has the same reward as 2016 the White Yamuta (spelling). But legacy rewards were no added to the release infographic with the added challenge.

None of us though NZ was getting an ET or anything else at all save for a few “maybe a bonus mission” people like me.

We have more additional content now that we did in the first three months of HITMAN 2016.


No, I am suggesting that something with how they coded or developed or whatever the maps of Mumbai and WC, they are having issues developing content for them.

I think @Spods mentioned that it may be the additional objectives, but Sgail has the whole Constant thing, and it doesn’t seem like a problem for them to add an objective, as they did with the Appraiser.

Although stock Sgail does indeed have an additional objective to begin with… Perhaps that is it. I don’t know.

It’s fishy though.


My guess is they want to think long about how to implement an ET in Mumbai so we can avoid how the Marrakesh ETs worked especially to avoid another Fixer type ET. For WC they want to find a target that fits with the rest of the level.

I see absolutely nothing sketch about this at all.



So the following doesn’t bother you:

  • Multiple escalations on other maps
  • Legacy content released before any for WC or Mumbai
  • Fourth ET is on an unexpected, unannounced map
  • Non-Episodic model

None of that raises your eyebrow even a little?


No I don’t care about where the escalations are all I care about is if they are BS or not

And? That isn’t suspicious to me. They said that the legacy maps were going to have ETs and we have ETs on the legacy maps. They never elaborated on their plans for them because they wanted silence on the issue.

And that is bad why??

Even the episodic model had Paris and Sapienza inundated with escalations and ETs ever after the other maps were released.


i guess we’ll find out in March, if the ET after Politician is in one of those maps


Don’t start with me m8

This is not the point, the point is the amount of content

They did not confirm this, to my knowledge. Not before Monday.

It’s not bad, it just suggests they are avoiding two maps that they did indeed announce.

I’ll have to admit I am unaware of Season 1’s release schedule, as I bought H2016 in 2018.

I’ll also say though, that was under SE

This is the bottom line. On point as always, cake


But they are not neglecting maps. Most neglected NZ as a possibility and most wrote it off as a training level. I though and actively wanted bonus missions and ET content for the map due its small scale.

They stated as much on their developer livestreams before release hell it was on a Q&A stream with them. One of the questions posed was something like “Will the legacy maps have ETs” The answer was yes.

Yes I guess we will.


That’s fine man, I’m glad they’re releasing it for Hawke’s Bay as well. But this does not mean:

For the record, I said avoiding maps, but its a tiny difference. But to say that it does not at all look like they’re avoiding WC and Mumbai (Which are among the favorites in S2), you’re acting like a fool


But they are not avoiding maps either. The fact that they have picked the fandom’s least favourite means that ergo they are not avoiding WC and Mumbai. I mean a non-sequential order doesn’t mean they will outright neglect whole maps.


I don’t understand this logic transition flow

Yay, we agree on something


I don’t think I can but I will try. IO are using Hawke’s Bay for an ET but I don’t think that IO will neglect Mumbai or Vermont because of it. I just think that IO have chosen a map because they think it is best for the ET.



Wouldn’t they choose the map before the ET?

I just thought of a theory - and it would back your point - what if Miami, Santa Fortuna, and Sgail (and I suppose Hawke’s Bay) were designed/finished first, before WC or Mumbai were finished, ergo giving the devs for the former missions more time to work on additional content?

This doesn’t explain them not including Hawke’s Bay in the initial ET rewards graphic, but then again, it is a small level. Maybe they worked it in on the fly, after the criticism.

Time will tell.


Indeed only time can tell. Neither of us can guess what IO can do. They are not some big name developer or publisher we can read like Joyce.


I think it’s telling that two of the three maps that are getting live content consistently are the two maps that IO didn’t even make - they contracted Colombia and Isle of Sgail out to Sumo Digital.

I assume that SD delivered on their originally set deadline and IO got behind on their side of things, meaning that alongside Miami, Colombia and Sgail were just ready sooner to start crafting the live content.


Ahhhh, this is valuable information


Crazy theory but what if the reward is NOT a suit but some weapon instead?


Just want to chime in and say that

  • The first point, relating to the fourth point does indeed raise my eyebrow. (The lack of Ghost Mode map additions also seems weird to me)
  • The second and third points of yours are just an unexpected, nice surprise. This means we’ll actually be able to get Season 1 suits again and the Wetsuit, it being the only Season 2 suit that wasn’t featured in the ET Rewards diagram.

Hopefully there’s a WC or Mumbai ET next month, because if not then that’s mighty, mighty strange.