Hitman 2 - February 2019 Roadmap Thread


Not particularly I don’t, no. And there is no “sure” either way, as we’re talking about an opinion, rather than something factual.

Again, that’s an opinion, there’s no definitely about it.


Obviously I’m not a game developer, but I can’t even imagine that that is the case.


How is this opinion based? Maybe I’m the only one who thinks it’s weird, but we’ve only gotten escalations, ETs, and challenge packs for those 3 levels. We’ve gotten literally nothing for Mumbai and Vermont, and the game came out about 3 months ago.

You’re ok with getting new content only in those locations for now?


I’m not getting into why this is subjective instead of objective, dude. It’s too early in the morning for that shit :joy:

Ok, that there is your fact. No issue.

But the part where you then call that neglect, is an opinion. It is entirely subjective. Myself and @Accidental-kills98 don’t see an issue. I don’t expect the content to roll out perfectly covering one map to the next in equal measure. Therefore… Wait no, fuck it, I’ll join the club… ERGO, I don’t consider it neglect.


Ok, maybe I should of chosen my words better if I’d known they’d be used like this. I wouldn’t say they’re neglected (despite me saying it earlier), I was more so emphasizing that IO has seemed to be ignoring these locations with each content roadmap.

It might be a bit of preference towards this content, but I’m kind of annoyed that all the recent content has focused on these 3 locations, while you and Accidental-Kill might be fine with it, which is ok I guess. It’s just kind of annoying to see another escalation in Miami, another challenge pack in Santa Fortuna, etc, imo.

I just wish that IO would utilitize the other 2 levels, those being Vermont and Mumbai. While those 3 other levels are great, they’re getting bland with all the new content focusing on them, imo.


That’s absolutely fair enough mate :blush:

Mumbai and Whittleton Creek will come, just gotta wait a little longer.


February Game Update
Our February Update is shaping up nicely and we’re excited to share the full details on some of the community-requested quality of life changes, gameplay tweaks and bug fixes that it will bring.

Before then, we also want to give all players an advanced heads-up that when the update arrives in late February, we will be removing 3 challenges from the Isle of Sgail location; All The King’s Men, Making Waves and No Budget For A Railing . After a sweep of the challenges in the game, we think that these particular challenges encourage the killing of multiple non-targets and they’re not fun to complete. We’ve also factored community feedback into the decision and wanted to tell you ahead of time.

We won’t be removing and XP or progression if you’ve already completed these challenges but they will be removed from the game with Update 2.14, so you’ll have no in-game proof of your exploits. If you haven’t completed them yet, you’ve got until the last week in February to do so before they’re gone.


Thank the Snake God of Glycon!


Is there any benefit of doing these challenges before they’re removed apart from the XP they give?


Elusive doesn’t mean ‘one time only’ though, elusive means difficult to achieve. Them being time limited and only coming around once a year makes them elusive.


I see we devolved into dumb conspiracy theories now lmao


I really have no clue where this mistrust came from. IO have yet again surprised us with a Hawke’s Bay ET. yet some people think this is some sort of punji pit.


Elusive challenges :eyes:


They released it alongside a challenge pack. This was very strategic on IOI part where they released Hokkaido for free for a couple weeks with the map locking up after the Fugitive is released. It was to add content alongside that content was so people wouldn’t miss out on the first Legacy Elusive target.

Now what I’m confused about is how they are gonna handle the other Legacy Elusive targets will they have more release windows for the Legacy Locations or are they gonna only have release windows for a couple of the targets not all.

I do appreciate the Idea of Legacy Elusive Targets especially since I did complete a great majority of them on Hitman 2016, but this gives us the opportunity to unlock the suits we’ve been missing and doubles our progression towards unlocking the new suits that are apart of the Elusive Target awards. So everyone will have plenty of opportunities to unlock the suits.


I think it was just how they handled the content drops and seasonal content.

Personally I’m more than satisfied with what IOI releases. Of course I’d love for them to let us unlock some outlandish suits such as the Vampire Magician, Scarecrow, Bird Suit from Blood Money, etc. It rubs me the wrong way when people want more serious content when we’ve been getting so much serious content, but they haven’t played (pure speculation) Contracts where you literally kill the most obese person alive or Blood Money where you dress up as a clown or bird and santa… That’s what I love about the series because it knows when to poke fun. It’s these minor things that become the strongest memories in these games. Play Nightcall and sneak up behind Sean 2 with a Giant Sword and wear the Santa Suit. When he turns around just throw it at his face and bam you will have a good laugh.


Is there another way? :joy:


It’s Orson. Orson!



Doesn’t help all that “one time/one chance” business in the previously posted screenshots - they obviously meant for ET’s to be “one time only” and that’s been tweaked over the years.


Exactly. Things change, and these obviously did.

The first 2 or 3 Elusive were extremely elusive. They only appeared for two days at the very least (with no marketing or teases of their arrival), making many people miss out on them.
I think there was a bit of backlash on that (and with the added complaints of ETs as a whole) that probably lead to them rolling them out for a longer period of time (as a lot of the ETs in the back half of the list were all avaliable for 7-10 days) and then they rolled them all out again with a longer period of activity.

Granted, their marketing and slogan pushes aren’t entirely accurate anymore (as no, they aren’t exactly a one-time thing given how they’re now rolling some S1 ETs for the third time, and there were a few mechanical improvements like being able to restart the contract at any time before completing objectives), but apart from that… It is what it is and these Elusive Targets schedule are of a different concept then what IO originally intended.


Sounds like a personal problem :rofl: