HITMAN™ 2: First Impressions[SPOILERS!]


Here’s a thread where all the early access guys (and later) can share their thoughts and impressions on the sequel HITMAN 2, with spoilers.

The story, the gameplay, your feelings…everything without being afraid of spoiling someone.



HITMAN 2 Reviews; Link any you find (Read OP first)
Story/lore discussion [spoilers]

Regarding the story gotta say I really dislike the whole 47’s amnesia subplot for several reasons. Mostly because the terrible comic has beeen irreversibly integrated into the game canon, and just feels weirdly tacked on as it semi-retcons several things. The selectiveness of the amnesia in itself is also weird. 47 remembers Ort-Meyer, his training and other details but conveniently not what’s needed to progress the plot? Okay then.

47 was always a "less is more" character imo. Going into detail about his backstory and upbringing removes much of allure and mystery. And not really a fan of retroactively making the 47 we know having apparently walked around with a huge gap in his memory.


No need to blur spoilers, it’s a topic dedicated for it.


After finishing the game all i can say is the shadow client is awesome, but agree that the amnesia subplot was too over the top


Oh yeah



Well I think at this point every single Hitman story has done something utterly cliche why not get amnesia over and done with?:joy: I expected a good old case of amnesia from the game so I am not getting angry


Well, you’re not exactly wrong. It’s easier to forgive silly plot details and cliches but this just leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth since it’s messing with 47’s character again and that stuff really ticks me off. Like I’m getting Absolution vibes when they’re trying to do more with 47 than they probably should.


Well this is all really subjective and I can’t play the game until tomorrow.




I’ve just watched the whole thing on YouTube (I prefer the story first and then focussing on gameplay), and I hate how easily and quickly Diana and 47 trusted the SC, and how 47 willingly drank that potion to get his memory back. Just because the SC is a fellow clone, doesn’t make his cronies the right ones to side with, does it? Providence seems a rather more unpleasant organisation, but I can’t see SC as being a fine man to side with.



Do you know if 47s signature suit comes with the gloves or not? Are there any ET rewards listed in the menus?

Also New Zealand looks great.


It doesn’t :frowning:


Played a little portion of every mission and I’m literally speechless. The size, the atmosphere, the diversity, the graphics. What the hell. I also like the new menu/interface design a lot, slick and stylish.

Especially the first walk trough the suburban area or the density in Mumbai. Oh man.


Whittleton Creek :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Oh there’s more types of briefcases by the way. Military, leather etc



Yes you can hide with any weapons, I hid with an Mac 10 :joy:

You blend in with correct weapon.

You can’t crouch in the Knight outfit

And @Torbjorn_IOI I still yet to find any EEs. lol