HITMAN™ 2: First Impressions[SPOILERS!]


Ohh, I wanted a knight disguise in that level so bad no it has finally happened.


If you kill silently, the blindfolded musicians don’t know.

Yes I sprayed the room with the silenced Mac


Is there a secret passage behind that bookshelf?


Not behind that bookshelf but… :wink:

When you’re blind, it’s all grey :smiley:


It is just nice to know that glass cube of evil, shadowy superiority is accessible.:star_struck:
Just four or so more hours for me.



that’s cool, I prefer it that way, otherwise it seems quite suspicious to be the only one with a sniper rifle


Y U no work :frowning:



From seeing all the screenshots of St. Sgail, I think I’m most interested in that level. It looks like an old mysterious castle with a blend of modern architecture.




Please tell me you manage to get her killed from there.:joy:





All right now it is an American BBQ!:joy:

Seriously shootings are not cool



What you don’t have a lazer guarded Doomsday bunker in YOUR house? What are a fool?:joy: Shit is that the only exit?


I have Max Payne flashbacks now



Was just wondering if anyone had any links to the briefings, or any recorded? Would love to take a look at them.