HITMAN™ 2: First Impressions[SPOILERS!]


Just did Colombia in Master SA/SO, first try failed because the meaty bone was missing from the hippo enclosure. Second one, i dropped Martinez from her balcony by peekaboo calling her, dropped Rico to El Mijo and shot Franco. Quite honestly, i tought that Colombia would be like Colorado or Bangkok to SA/SO in Master, but no, a bit difficult, but not too much.


Is the bodyguard idle animation still in game?




Thank you:) 20 characters


Why do you ask. It’s such a small thing after all. Also 47 has different idle animations depending on disguise.


I like those small details and im not sure but somewhere i read that its not in the game anymore so wanted to ask if its cut or no


I mean im glad that its in the game


My first impressions? I am glad I live in this timeline!

I did collect some bugs here and there. Other than that, solid experience.

Massive levels are great direction, but if you are playing with openworld idea ioi, unless it is entire earth, don’t =D

As far as the story goes, I definetly agree, with this statement.

Dont sink in to the politics of it. Great magic of mystery is in not explaning. Codename 47 esablished pretty nice, be it cheezy story, Silent assassin just dipped it’s toes in to it slightly, in great way, Contracts was also nice approach, playing on my nostalgia the right way. Blood many expanded, but did not overexplain. But this?

Imagine Valve releasing HL3 and explain Gman, whatever explanation would it be, it would ruin the mystery!

Be like David Lynch, dont prepare sharks for you to jump over. =D

And for gameplay. I love it, but I still think that system of purchasing upgrades, for classic weapons that 47 has, like blood money had it, Would fit better, than this entire weapons unlock thing.

Also I miss dearly the newspaper, that was such genious little touch! %D


Oh shit, these mechanics are scared shitless!


Just did my first ghost mode game. 119 level vs 14 level. I was at 4 - 2 (I had not done the briefing and i did not know the rules :slight_smile: ) and i snap 3 non-targets that were witnesses, just to realize it lowers my score. I ended up with 5-3 win. And i think he only got 1 non-target. And i even managed to get him spotted with a ghost coin. Good Job Ted Mendez, for catching that criminal!


Holy shit Mumbai is big! I have been there 3 times and the 3rd one i didnt even finish as the Kasmirian Story got bugged


goddamnit! I spent 40 minutes shaving people and i restarted once even. ffs, they just disappear after 13-14! ffs!


Played Ghost Mode for the first time last night and ended up going on a 7 game winning streak. First game me and the other guy were obviously both trying it for the first time and both were terrible at it. A few of the games were SUPER close and down to the last seconds to win and were very intense.

I really want more maps for the mode now.


did you shave the Maelstrom?


Yes i did. And i havent killed anyone except for the gatekeepers for the Crows


Two crow members need to be shaved as well, so make sure those guys are still allive. One of them is close to the food streets and the other on the end of the small slum alleys (who has a talk with another crow member), iirc.


Hmmm… No, i have only killed 2 from the rooftops. And the first time i didnt shave Maelstrom and then had 14 shaves in the end. THen when i did shave him, i had 13. And i reloaded the save right before i started shaving


We have seen some unexpected save/load issues, it might be why some NPCs don’t return. I will try and mess around and see if I can reproduce it. Did you at any point deny someone a shave?


That is possible, but if i did, its only once. I sneezed whilst on my 2nd run, and im not sure if i hit a button. But that would be only 1 going missing. The 2nd one is missing too


Is sneeze the right word, lemme check the translator

Edit: Yes it is