HITMAN™ 2: First Impressions[SPOILERS!]


All right. My suggestion is to reload a save a little before opening up the barbershop and redo from there. I will investigate further tomorrow. Thanks for playing! :slight_smile:


Allright, thanks :slight_smile:

20 Characters


The best:
-All locations are really amazing. They’re different from each other, and offer so much replayability.
-The music is superior to HITMAN. I enjoyed just standing around to listen to it.
-Most of the targets have great backstories and are interesting to follow and kill them.
-Improved gameplay, totally awesome.
-Lots of content.

The worst:
-The story.
-Diana, The Constant, Shadow Client.


the shadow client being a handler in Whittleton Creek is one of my favourite things about the mission, I’d love to have him replace Diana in a few more Hitman 3 missions


That wasn’t too bad. I was mostly referring to him as a character and his role in this specific story.


Man I love the new “cover blown” music. Feels like all the alarm themes of contracts blended together.


No please.


So, i was earlier today, i was walking around in Miami, when i hear someone say the name “Lindsey La Coeur”. She is a reporter from Paris, either the one that is making a report with the cameraman, on the red carpet or the one that is missing his camera lence



Well for a first impression. I went to Mumbai. Once I hit the construction tower and realized how large the level is, I basically quit for the night, I knew there was no way I was gonna finish that level soon.

@matte_ioi Holy crap I laughed so hard at the haggling scene. I’ve visited Chennai myself so it was pretty funny to see that in there. Kudos to whoever thought of that.


New Targets from Best to Worst:
Robert Knox - It reminds me of Murdoc in that one episode of MacGyver where he is disguised as a cripple museum owner and when he starts ripping his mask off that was covering his face that was burned, and he has the same hair, beard and a blue suit and half the face is burned. And then ingame he is amazing aswell. When i got him to blow up Sierra, the reaction was 9.5/10.
Jorge Franco - He is a smart cokemaking nutjob. I like him a lot. Some people judge characters by how they can relate to them or how they look. But the smart cokehead shit is a thing i like. Jimmy from Hardcore Henry / Payday 2 is a good excample.
Janus = “I used to control the world, now i cant even control my own backyard”, “Boy”, “You remind me of someone”, “Where is lafayette”. Also he tells a lot of stories. I like him.
Sierra Knox - Sierra, Dalia, Yuki, Parvati and Washingtons are the badass female targets of Hitman. Parvati doesnt have enough personality and story, Yuki is meh, Washington Twins i do not like and thus Sierra and Dalia are the only ones left. The meeting with Sierra as the Mascot, When Sierra finishes the race and talks with the mechanics is enough personality for me to like her. A little more background would have mafe her better than Janus. “'Nuff Said”.
Rico Delgado - A cartel boss with somekinds of Morals is always nice. Also i like his gun very much. I excpected him to put a bullet into P-Powers, The Hippo Guy and the Submarine Maker, but he actually pays them. Nice.
Andrea Martinez - There is no story to her. But i liked her in Paris, so im judging her mostly based how she was there. Below is the “Meh’s”
Alma Reynard - Brutal. Nutjob. But not enough story to her
Dawood Rangan -Not interesting. But the mole interrorigation and the script changes make him a "disgusting but ok cunt’
Maelstrom = I dont know who he is and why the hell is he worshipped. Below are just the “Ehhh…s”
Nolan Cassidy = They just needed a 2nd target so they made this. Its like Francesca of Whittleton Creek. Except francesca turned out to be a great target in the end.
Zoe & Sophia Washington = Dont Like. Sure they are badass. But them hating on Janus and trying to overthrow the Constant feel too cliche. There is no personality, story yes, no personality.
Vanya Shah = Dont Like. Shes bit of a bitch


I played for six straight hours today(except for a few minutes where the power went off and I decided to take a break and have lunch. :joy:) Did all the missions SASO as planned and made it to the end of Whittelton Creek because I got stuck at the clues part. Then I just went on straight to Isle of Sgail but my mind stopped working at this point so I just skipped to the end cutscene to see what happens.

The level design is the absolute best I’ve seen in my life, followed by Dishonored and SC: Chaos Theory. The Mumbai location in particular was…i don’t know what to say at this point. A FULL BLOWN MASTERPIECE IS WHAT IT IS! It is huge, looks absolutely beautiful, has amazing music, the most fantastic and accurate dialogue, I could go on and on. The most striking thing was how NPCs reacted to bumping. they would call 47 the most offensive of slurs for some reason, like ‘I’ll give you two slaps if you do that again you lazy bastard!’ and many very bad terms that I won’t name. Often times they would say small dialogues in Hindi describing what they’re saying(in English) or how they’re feeling, amazing stuff :blush:. The verticality and level design are amazing, getting to Dawood(who is a huge mafia don of Mumbai irl :joy:) and infiltrating the studio to get to Shah, vaulting the top floor lanes and finding myself on the train roof which turns out to be behind her private room and drowning here in the bucket were my favorite moments :smiley:

Overall genuinely my favorite level of any game and my favorite game of all time :+1: :dizzy_face:


That’s great to hear. My experience so far with the game (which admittedly is still only at the scratching-the-surface stage, since you guys make the deepest levels in the business) tells me that you guys put extra effort this time around into making the scripted opportunities branch out in many different directions. Giving the scripts (if not in all, than in many cases) a “swiss cheese” design just like the levels themselves. Great stuff.


I’ve been playing alot of Miami lately, including doing a few rounds of Ghost Mode. Really enjoying the map now that I know where most things are, and just slowly uncovering more and more nuisances to it. I don’t know about anyone else, but I actually like to play Hitman more when I know what I am doing rather than when I am discovering it. I think I get the most satisfaction when I’ve worked out something and then I have the knowledge to pull it off, rather than playing something for the first time.

Slowly building my way up to going back to Mumbai, that map especially has actually slightly frightened me with how gigantic it is.


gotta say. so far i like hawkes bay mission the best.
just wish it wasnt so linear.

something about the small levels. i just like them better than the large levels.
kinda hope hitman 3 has 12 locations the size of hawkes bay


I haven’t heard it yet :sunglasses:


Welcome to the Zero Unit, friend:


Is 47 sweating in real time in Santa Fortuna when you’re wearing the bodyguard outfit?


yeah i don’t like how fast they detect you now. leave that for Master


Never thought I’d have to say these words, but the sweat on the shirts for mansion guards is always on them. It does not appear over time. Not all of them have the detail as well. Also, I’d like to point out how many variations we have for just one single disguise. Even if it’s just changing the shirt color, adding another gun holster, or slightly different sunglasses, it’s damn impressive.