HITMAN™ 2: First Impressions[SPOILERS!]


Wow, I’m honestly quite surprised I managed to SA Miami first try with no previous experience. Didn’t even know the routes of the targets. And best of all, I did it in 47 minutes.

I’ll be finishing Colombia tomorrow, already took out Rico, saved it and getting it done later.


What if it’s the previous owners sweat?


Ewww don’t say that



Okay, this is not epic, i have to take some names when i get home, for reals. Somebody else is filling the side characters page. So far iwe only searched for the minor characters, not gone to contract creator and checked their names and then put them to wikia. Okay i put a few there already. But still, somehow i feel salt and the taste of defeat when someone else fills the side characters page.


The river turns in there…

The bridge…

Its colombia…


Sacred ground…

I feel like this is the same place in Colombia as the first colombia mission in Hitman: Codename 47


Watch out for wild clan of natives and the Jaguar

Story/lore discussion [spoilers]

Did you know? The fastest speedrun of Miami is 47 seconds! :smile:


Would like 47 to have an animation for putting down the briefcase. He has one for picking it up.


Which is important btw because it is the difference between triggering the lure logic or not.


The Hawkes Bay beginning is one of the best starts to a videogame I’ve played. The rolling clouds, ocean and moonlight reflections immersed me no end. I was Agent 47 walking up that beach.

Played The Finishing Line last night. Gobsmacked. I lost myself for 3.5 hours (this constitutes a gaming marathon when you have two young kids). The size and detail in each room, bar, dancefloor, rooftop garden, cupboard, office. The craft that goes into designing a level this vast and detailed is remarkable. Within this huge space goes the detail, NPC plot reveals, object placement and pacing able to keep me 100% engaged and feeling so clever and satisfied when I find the next piece of the puzzle, all while being totally immersed by gorgeous visuals, insane detail and sound.

Finally, observing the full game UI with Legacy installed. Prologue, Hitman, Hitman 2, Patient Zero. It’s all there under one roof as IOI had intended. This is comfortably my GOTY. Can’t wait to get back to it tonight.


I don’t understand why some of the weapons are dark grey, some of them are black. Are the black ones meant to be more prestigious or something?


would you rather they all be the same colour with only pink stickers to distinguish them? :sunglasses:


i have this on ps4. is it just my ps4 or does everyones ps4 get really loud playing this game? i mean the fan is so loud i have to crank the sound up.


Playing Hitman 2 right now!


What can i say? The game is more hitman, and i love it! Great levels!

Would u guy like more levels but smaller? Or are u ok with 6 maps?


I finished Hitman 2 yet. I do not like that 47 and 6 are friends at the end. I thought 47 doesn’t want any friends. So much for" Names are for friends, so I don’t need one"


I’m still going through the legacy maps (trying to get all the Classics challenges just to get it out of my hair. Done Paris and Sapienza so far. Only need to do Sniper Marrakesh before I’m done with it) so that means doing things like Master SA/SO and SnipA.

From what I hear (and see) of Ghost Mode, I love it and it looks so thrilling. I can’t wait to get to Miami to learn it a bit and then start Ghosting people.


Glad you love it. :slight_smile: The product you see now is the result of two years of IOI’s work and a consistent feedback loop among fans.

The drive to push ALL content in particular into “one giant game” was one of those things that was discussed at sporadic times in the last two years.

I am still a bit in disbelief they got it all to work. :slight_smile:


I’m really enjoying the Legacy Pack, but there are some major problems that need fixing. NPCs literally disappearing after they walk into a wall, stuttering when you shoot that jolts your gun around, some weird lock-on thing that frequently locks me onto nothing, etc.


My computer shut down yesterday from overheating. I last cleaned it 2 weeks ago, so i opened it and there is barely no dust there. I see other people having trouble with their devices getting really loud when playing Hitman 2 and devices overheating. And i have a strong Pc. Wtf