HITMAN™ 2: First Impressions[SPOILERS!]


The NPC’s are so damn rude to 47 in Season 2. Especially in Colombia.

They are constantly always complaining about 47 being near to them.


I wouldn’t want this dude even 20 meters away from me


Well I mean 47 has that stoic look, constantly gets into people’s personal spaces and throws household items around. Those are not nice and sociable things to do


I find it funny whenever a conversation starts and 47 is too close to the other character that the dialogue gets interrupted. It sure is a bumming me out but it’s fun when people tell 47 that they still have mints and that he should use one or two. :smiley:


I’m not sure if this was a glitch or a new feature, but did anyone else notice 47’s suits getting dirty? After climbing some rooftops in Marrakesh by night a smudge of sand appeared on his trousers and didn’t come off. I say smudge of sand, but like I said, could also have been a minor graphic glitch.


for sure :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Can’t blame you. Dat voice!


So… what do we know about Kronstad?

Its a german company found by Robert Knox and led by Robert Knox (German) and his daughter, Sierra Knox (American). They supposedly have an university, where Claus Hugo Strandberg studied in, they make Weapons, Androids, Cars and for excample the operating table from Hokkaido. Its employees include: Robert Knox (CEO), Sierra Knox (Unknown Role), Derrik McInnis (Android Technician), Grace Miller (Pit stop commander). Ken Morgan is their lawyer and they called the hit on Vito Duric.


That university was fake Claus ripped the name off

I think it was CFO according to the briefing or something to do with their finance department


Can I just say how much I’m enjoying the return of picture/in picture.

It gives me a nostalgic Blood Money feeling. But in practical terms, it’s nice knowing which ‘body’ was found. It’s nice to see your target die from the poison you placed in their glass 10 minutes ago whilst you headed towards your next target. It’s nice seeing how that cctv camera exactly saw you.

All in all, a great feature that I’m glad is back.
Also, a well done to IO for giving the option to turn it off. I know it’s not for everyone.


Ya I got a ps4 pro and this game likes to make it scream. The worst level for this that ive seen is Whittleton Creek, for some reason that is 80% Console screaming. I hope IOI can find some way to lessen the problem, but seeing as how it was also in HITMAN 1 im not sure they will.


I think that’s a problem most PS4 (Pros) have, isn’t it?
My PS4 was a god damn jet-engine (the reason why I only play exclusive titles on it). I opened it up and reapplied thermal paste. Now it’s quiter. Or let’s say: I can finally play PS4 again without using ear plugs.

Not sure what Sony’s engineers are doing there tbh.


Ugh i feel you, but my problem lies with the inner fan of the ps4 pro. One of the bonuses of living in a dusty environment is if i want to clean the pro i gotta tear the whole thing apart which requires specific tools and carefully making sure i dont permanently damage it lol.


Holy fuck Mumbai is the best level in the game. It’s amazing. I got the Kashmirian to take out Shah and Rangan and then met with the Maelstrom as him.


Until now only played the first 4 levels. Boy, it’s AMAZING. I really really like Hitman 2 so far even though some features need to be fixed (Unconscious NPC kill/SA after target spotting).

Really good job IOI. :sunglasses: Going to play the shit out of it!


I finally had time to finish HItman 2 all the way through. Took me almost 20 hours over this past week. That’s a pretty good playtime for a first run! More than some of the old games actually, I remember spending 12 hours on my first Contracts playthrough.

First impressions:

  • The leveldesign: Wow IOI, I didn’t think it was possible to blow my mind in the same way again after the masterpieces that are Paris and Sapienza. But with these new levels they truly did. The sheer size and attention to detail is amazing, the level design is brilliant and everything a Hitman fan would want. I already completely love Miami, Mumbai… I just realized there is no reason to list them, cause all 5 are Sapienza-quality levels. GREAT variety as well! Kodus!
  • The atmosphere: I have to say that they really accomplished a much better balance between serious and comedic, light and dark than in Hitman 2016. More dark levels, more dark music. I felt it needed to be made obvious that Hitman was never just about the comedy. The comedy should be a by-product, not the product itself. The voice acting is much better (accents) and also more believable and funny. More believable because it’s varied, and not just “I hate my job, I hate my boss, I hate…”
  • While I don’t necessarily love all the plot points in the story, I do like the vibe it gives the game, the seriousness, the voice acting and so fourth. It was also surprisingly less cringy pulled off than I feared after reading the comics. The Shadow Client is a great addition to the universe and their relationship is a breath of fresh air.
  • The fan-service: It’s truly heartwarming to see how much IOI puts into catering to us, the hardcore community. It feels like the game was made for us in every way. All the little references to past games, be it kills or dialogue or something else… An example is the train yard in Mumbai, where you could direct the train with the lever to go through the building. Codename 47 vibes straight away, though very subtle. I love it! That’s just one example out of hundreds.
  • The bad: The cutscenes, or lack there-of was a disappointment. But giving their situation it is understandable that something needed to be cut. The New Zealand level was OK, but I agree that it is a somewhat glorified training level. Luckily we got 5 Sapienza’s to make up for that, so I’m ok with that.

In general I must say my initial impression is that this is another proof that IOI are truly on a roll with Hitman again. Better than ever. I really hope it will do well enough for them to continue, but I can’t help but worry. I don’t see to much hype in the general public yet, but hopefully I’m wrong about that. The terrible spoiler full IGN review and Red Dead Redemption hopefully didn’t do too much damage.

Like I’ve seen people say in a few different places online, IOI deserve all the love they can get. Not many developers like them out there, that truly cater to their core audience and make an effort for us instead of selling out to millions of teenagers with short attention spans.

I can’t wait to dwelve into countless of hours of mastering the levels, elusive targets and Ghost Mode as well (only tried it once, pretty cool and fun). The good thing about Hitman is, I just finished the game… But I’ve only just begun.


This is the first thing that came to my mind after seeing Robert Knox

Murdoc from MacGyver. He had burnt half of his face, cant remember where, and in every episode he ends up dying, but suddenly he is alive again. He was disguised as a cripple museum manager, and in the end, ripped his mask off before trying to kill MacGyver and Pete Thorton (and dying himself in the process)


Hey guys!! Been a while huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

A quick status about the Game Release…

I dont know how it started for Hitman™ since i joined the party one year later, but here for HITMAN™ 2, as a Full Pack Owner (Early Access Collector’s Edition), let’s say that it was a very ankward experience… :sweat_smile:

Game released without any optimization, sometimes working smoothly on any computer, and sometimes crashing on AMD computers, overheating or eating too much RAM (even on higher configs), stuttering, lightning issues… :confused:

Steam launch (ruined) by a very light preload (8gb) followed by a massive download (almost 100gb for the whole pack) which led to lots of people downloading the game for two days before actually playing it… :persevere:

Confusing “Free Demo” who was tagged as “Free Game”, which led to people unable to buy the game and massive negative reviews from testers who thought it was a scam… :unamused:

Confusing Legacy Pack and Steam DLC system, which led some people to rebuy the game while they already owned it… :grimacing:

Game full of bugs, feels like it has been rushed, placeholders for MKII weapons, i will stop here but sadly the list is long… :roll_eyes:

And worst of that: I’m only starting HITMAN™ 2 today because the game wasn’t running on some AMD processors…hopefully it has been patched today and so i’m just getting started :slight_smile:

So now, i’ll take another week and try to enjoy the game, and i’ll be back within a week for my fresh impressions after playing the WHOLE GAME (i was grinding Legacy¨Pack since it’s the only part of the game that was working)…

Cya soon guys, and have a nice weekend!


Thanks for the diary entry update i guess?


You’re welcome :slight_smile: