HITMAN™ 2: First Impressions[SPOILERS!]


My Mumbai Professional Sniper Assassin run was a fun and a good one. I started from the cawls, went onto The Kashmirian’s Pc, knocked out the Kasmirian and took his suit and his sniper rifle, went looking for a good place to snipe and i stumbled across the guard post in the harbor, i sniped Dawood and realized that it was the post that was required for the challenge. Anyways, i called Vanya Shah, went to take a look at the meeting, saved, crushed them with the train, reloaded save, shot them both with 1 shot and escaped with the Taxi :smiley:


Oh dude! Thats Claudio Parisi, the kitchen assistant of Marcello Ray, alongside i think Rosson Ansovino.


You’re being unnecessarily rude at this point.


Been playing all week, just finished the main story with full mastery and all mission stories in each location including the legacy maps which I did first very quickly before heading to Season 2.

I love it, all the locations were great to explore, amazing maps, the gameplay is fantastic, just like S1, the improvements in the AI and general gameplay are great, the briefcase was a joy to mess around with, cant praise it enough, Sniper Assassin has potential but they need to add a savegame feature to it, some kills require you to wait 10 minutes to pull off, didn’t play or plan to play ghost mode so I cant comment on that. Music was ok, 47s attitude while disguised in missions is perfect, there were a couple of bugs, NPCs floating or stuck, items disappearing, nothing major, worse thing was sometimes after loading a save the game would be stuck in the loading screen and had to alt+f4 and restart.

Negatives i can thing of right now are the unlocks, using the same weapons as S1 but just slapping a sticker into them is just lazy and clutters an already cumbersome menu, I am also not a fan of the menu UI itself, its very “boxy” and lifeless, it lacks a personality.

The unlock progression is still not fun for me, I want to choose what to unlock and not wait and grind until I get it, its faster since the XP bar helps with mastery however it doesn’t add anything to the game, I am level 300 as of right now… ok? now what? do I keep going up? Its stupid, its just a meaningless number.
I am still adamant that a money system can be added, instead of XP by doing challenges we get money and with that we can unlock star locations/weapons etc, you can’t get too much money since challenges are finite and by doing at least the basic challenges you are free to unlock whatever and most of the things you want Also the amount of “xp/money” is added to your Hitman level which should definitely be capped to something reasonable like 50 or 47 :wink:

The difficulties, I am not a fan of the master difficulty doing the exact thing that professional did in S1, changing the location of items, adding guards and cameras, the reason for this is that if i play and learn the location in master going to professional in elusives/contracts etc will be confusing since the placement will be different so i will have to remember everything in both difficulties which is annoying and a waste of time, once I realized that i just stuck to professional and that’s where i will probably stay, its annoying that 2 unlocks are stuck with master difficulty, at least they are not important.

The rating system is boring, 5/5 stars (why remove the hitman logo?) give us unique ranking names (butcher,ghost etc)

Online mode, I said it in S1 and I will say it again, challenges and unlocks should be done offline, don’t give me the bullshit excuse of its “required” thus far I have’t seen any positives from it, when the servers were down I can’t play, none of my progress counts, and when I want to select equipment the game gets stuck for seconds before my items appear, if online was in fact needed they could have imported our progress from S1 and SniperAssassin, showing that our online profiles are actually saved. I just hope we don’t have to re-do everything when S3 arrives.

And finally the story, to keep it short its garbage, not as bad as absolution mind you, didn’t have a problem with the cutscenes being more like a comic, but the story itself is like a bad tv show, I hate that they took the abysmal comic as canon, the ensuing drama of 47’s past, subject 6 friendship with him and Diana not being neutral as the ICA should be, the whole Illuminati providence thing is lame as hell, S1 wasn’t much better either, I have no hopes for S3 saving this shipwreck, thankfully I don’t play the series for the story so I can enjoy the missions as standalone hits, ignoring the story and just having fun, thankfully the in-mission stories/dialogue and world is great so that’s something

That’s all I can think of, overall fantastic game IO, loved every minute playing it, can’t wait for both expansions and S3!


This has actually turned into a big problem gamewise. Like when 47 has to escort the target to a location while posing as someone else, even when 47 isn’t even all that close to the target, they will complain and rant and rave and they won’t cooperate with following 47. It’s like the NPC’s will complain unless 47 is miles and miles away from them. The whole thing is just too much out of control.


Yeah,it wouldn’t be much of a problem if they continued conversation after you interrupt them but sometimes they don’t and just stay silent


Someone uploaded this on Imgur. Truly 47’s greatest weapon.


I see secret gun stand in New Zeland and Whittleton-Creek and again want return of Hideout from Contracts and BM


After completing the necessary challenges and getting the Classic All-Black Suit, I finally realisedwhy I loathe the driving gloves so much - the gap that exposes his skin disappears under his shirt sleeve, making it look far too big for some gloves. If the strap was visible somewhat, I think I’d probably like those gloves at least a bit more.


It’s a smaller detail but I finally am feeling the “consequences” of my actions that IO has been trying to emphasize. It felt weird to know that Andrea Martinez returned to crime as a result of A Vintage Year, or the fact that Cassidy got fired for Amendment XXV. I’ve never given a second thought to my hits before.


Thats a lot of coins :smiley:

Cloth, Taxi Rides… what else can i buy with coins?

Edit: 32 Coins, 15 for 3 cloth. And then 17 left…


Tho, since 5 coins is 140 rupees, thus 1 coin is 28 rupees or 38 cents. So 32 coins in 12 dollars 48 cents


That 1 guy sold for 5 coins, this one is selling for 2. Omg. Mindblown.


So far I am level 199 in the game, I have unlocked everything from the main missions of the legacy pack minus the items The Classics 1 for Professional and Master but I should have those within the next day or two. And also unlocked the Sieger 300 Ghost from the legacy pack as well. In terms of Hitman 2 itself I have unlocked everything from Nightcall and Miami and I completed them SASO and Sniper Assassin on Master difficulty. Not that Master difficulty SASO means anything to Nightcall…a child could do it in his/her sleep.

So with all that done so far I must say I am incredibly impressed…sure the game has some minor bugs here and there but holy crap…this game is insanely amazing and addicting. Easily game of the year hands down. What I’ve seen of the Hitman 2 story so far is amazing and mind blowing…I can’t wait to wrap up The Classics on Master in Season 1 so that I can continue to the rest of Hitman 2 proper. Even with the slideshow cutscenes ioi are managing to tell one of the most compelling stories ever told in any form of media.

So far the game is a hard 9.7/10 with a 0.1 reduction in score for minor bugs that need fixing, another 0.1 reduction because the cut-scenes are in slideshow form, and 0.1 because the the loot from Hitman 2 has quite a few of items identical to Hitman 1 only differentiated by numbered stickers.

It is a disgrace that the Game Awards nominated their GOTY contenders before this game came out and before they actually played it…Hitman 2 is easily better than everything they nominated by a large margin…it’s not even a contest. So we’ll end up with an undeserving GOTY this year, such a shame.


Aahh… Why isnt the Druzhina 34 silenced… I tought it would be the Kashmirian’s Sniper Rifle.

Edit: Sure, Sieger 300, Sieger 300 Advanced, Sieger 300 Tactical and Sieger 300 Ghost are superior to any sniper rifle… but still


In the Top 10. I dont have the words to describe my happiness


There is an annoying slowdown that happens when you have max zoom on your sniper rifle, any other zoom level is fine, its very hard to make shots when playing with a mouse, an option to disable this would be very welcome.


I know this makes me sound kinda weak, but I feel lost in Hitman 2, even in the older levels in Season 1. Maybe it’s the new controls, maybe it’s because I feel weird being in an entirely new environment without my gear. It’s like I was a master player who suddenly became an amateur again, it’s all so familiar but so foreign.


Weird, this buttler is not an enforcer


I had the same feeling for the first 40h