HITMAN™ 2: First Impressions[SPOILERS!]


Im doing the social climbing opportunity and for fucks sake Olivia, stop calling Mr. Sinclair!


Only played Mumbai for the entire week. Now moving on to Miami. This game is a big love letter.


I had that with season one. Saw paris 100times in demos and so on. But when I played it. I was lost in a maze and was tresspassing all the time. After couple of hours I was ok again. Here mumbai is real web of streets. Will need gime before I feel at home there…


Bloody Hell.
This game keeps crashing all the time, ever since that hotfix dropped


I was gonna try to kill everyone in Isle of Sgail, using the knight suit, but the damn thing crashes way too much


I just crashed on Mumbai after loading a save :confused:



You can be spotted by cameras, as long as no guard sees the footage and the footage is deleted


I really wish the Druzhina was. Having only the Sieger’s be silence is annoying, considering that I quite like the Jager’s modelling and the Druzhina’s.


Wow, Sieger 300s are the only silenced Snipers, alongside the Kashmerian’s own Sniper Rifle? Damn


Druzhina is silenced, it just doesn’t sound like it


But it doesnt have the silenced perk tho


then it’s probably a bug. but test it for yourself, no one can hear it unless you’re very close to them


Oh. Thats cool. Thanks :slight_smile:


man the last location is friggin awesome.
great job with this game io.
i think its alot better than first season.


you can throw an item at a person’s head and then quickly throw another one at them at the same time. this means they get hit with both objects, even when they’re down. why does the game have this functionality, but we still can’t throw objects at KO’d people?


Hah! Spamming C and T-bagging, looks hilarious!


But that’s the same with the Lancer. I don’t think they’re silenced, I think they’ve just messed something up with the sniping mechanics. Also, every other “silenced” weapon sounds silenced.


that’s why i said it’s probably a bug :slight_smile:


ffs. Why does every fucking relationship between two major characters, everywhere, end up in the other one cheating on the other one. Apperantly Reynard was with Orson way before Sean Rose’s death! This is something that i wish to be redconned


I dunno, she did torture a couple of innocent people in a garage to death, has a pet dog that murders people, and kidnapped a family to force a father to commit murder, I don’t think cheating on her lover is something that would be beyond the pale.